24 January 2013

Tu Blog Me Inspira Award

Yay I got tagged in this spanish award thing by the lovely OddGhoul Out of Bats in the Belfry, Cats in the Attic
Thank you so much!!

I have to write 5 weird fact about myself and tag 15 other people. The problem is that I already was tagged in something similar so i don't know how much I can add here. And also most of the bloggers I know were already tagged. But whatever :D

1. Every time a person passes me on the street, and the moment when we cross each other I feel stressed, just fro a brief second, that our hands or shoulders might touch. It is very awkward.

2. I never wear my hair in a pony tail, it is always loose. I only gather my hair  whenever it is dirty and I didn't have time to wash it [because my head begins to itch and it annoys me].

3. I never curse in Russian [my mother language]. I always curse like a sailor in hebrew and english, but cursing in Russian just feels very weird, because russian curses and extremely hardcore, for me personally. I was also raised not to say those words in my mother language because it is so inappropriate.

4. My lips are always dry. No matter what lip balm or lipstick I use, they are constantly dry, especially when I use lipstick. They peel off all the time.

5. I love seeing the people around me as sort of animals. Each person resembles an animal, including myself. It is a very nice way to view people, because I love animals so much, and it helps to understand people. It's this kind of fetish we share with Boris.

Now I shall tag:

LivingHellDoll of New Black Life
Lali of V E R U Z K A S
MK of MK's Little Cabinet of Curiosities

Here that's it, is that ok? Sorry, don't feel like tagging lol

See you guys soon, I have some posts I want to write here :)

+ Nebel Violet +

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