18 April 2013

Outfit of the Day

I took the liberty of taking some pictures of my outfit recently.
To be precised it is the outfit of last week, but we won't get into details.
Spring is officially here!!!

Punk Jacket- originally brought to me from Russia, customized.
Shorts- from an Israeli brand ages ago
Stockings- From Hot Topic when I was in Boston 4 years ago
Creepers- Deichman

I am always blessed with the best mobile phone cameras. I seriously believe that cell phone cameras are underrated. I have plenty of artistic photos that I am proud of that were taking from a phone. Like my profile picture at the right column!

Next post I will be sharing "rare" band photos of a brand new Minimal Wave band! Stay tuned!

+ Nebel Violet +


  1. Lovely outfit, and I can't believe you took that picture with a cell phone camera, the quality is really good.

    1. Thanks! yeah in sunlight it can be surprising, however in darkness it can never resemble the power of a normal camera.

  2. sehr Cool !!!

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  3. Ich liebe dieses Outfit... Es steht Dir so gut!!!