14 April 2013

Outfit of the Night + Post Punk Party!

There was a big concert this weekend, and I took it into my hands to photograph anything I could.
Friday was a big concert of our dear friends Tanzkommando Untergang, who performed with other 2 bandsm Genetiks and the Danish Metro Cult [who were really awesome!].
All band were great, the atmosphere was lots of fun and I had a great time. We didn't stay much for the party afterwards because we were too tired, the music was far too loud at the club and frankly we never stay till morning at any party. We just can't take too much of partying in one night.

Here are some pics, but first and long awaited outfit pics!
It finally feels like spring, so we could wear our jackets at last without freezing to death! And I could finally wear my wincklepickers for the first time!!

 Boris is wearing a victorian coat and jacket underneath that his mother sewed him [YES!]
And his combats.

 Yay for punk jacket can be shown to the world without being hidden under layers of sweaters..

I must say I really had fun taking pictures of the bands, I think there are some really "artistic" shots. TKU always inspire me when they play, and it makes my photos cling towards a more "old school" look than ever!


I believe this is one of the most "post punk" photos I ever took.

Dear Marta of TKU.


Another picture I am lucky I had a chance to capture.

Metro Cult

On our way home I was driving the train from Ostkreuz back to Fridenau....

+ Nebel Violet +