10 April 2013

The Goth Challenge Days 8 + 9

Day 8: What's your worst and best experience with none goths?

I think it is enough to mention how life was hard as a goth back in Israel to give you the closest feeling of my worst experience. Let me just say that in Israel it is hell being alternative or different in any way. Whether it is you're being beaten ans teased at elementary school for loving dogs, or being constantly bugged, laughed and being pointed at while you're simply walking on the street. I had so many bad experiences being goth among the Israeli people I can continue writing till tomorrow.

But my best experience surprised me as well.
I was working at a tech-support call service center for 2 years. I began working there in age 19 right after I left my parents' house and continued till I left Israel. There were a lot of employees there, and they were separated into teams. I belonged to the "Russian team" as we only answered calls in Russian, and frankly our team was the most consolidated and together than any other. Now, as a Russian person I never had any Russian friends except Boris, because most Israeli Russians tend to be the opposite of intelligent, and kind of feel themselves better than any other. So I never tried nor wanted to belong to a Russian speaking group. The only Russian friends I had spoke Hebrew all the time and barely knew Russian.
But in our small tech-support theme something different happened.
We were very different, each came from a completely different and weird background. You had people who already had kids, you had your Russian jocks who cursed the world and talked about soccer all the time, and you had desperate students who only worked there to maintain their life while studying, or people who fiercely studied for years and couldn't find a job and were stuck at tech support.
And you had the "gothy" me.
We had so much fun working together, every one accepted another, we didn't laugh at others in our team, maybe gossiped sometimes ^^ I found a friends with whom I met from time to time, who even got to go with me to a gothic party. So the experience was amazing, working such a shitty job as tech support, and even getting the chance to laugh about it and spill your troubles out to your coworkers.
It made me realize than I can be a part of something without demanding that the people around me looked the same as I or having the same mind set. Before leaving I told my [amazing] boss that if the job wouldn't have been so horrible, I would have gladly stayed there, because you don't get such good atmosphere from such different people in every job. She totally agreed with me.

Day 9: What genre of music do you dislike?

I think it would be obvious to mention that alternative people dislike most kinds of music.
It would be more explicit to say that I hat the Rap, Hip Hop, Pop, Dance and what not shit you get on MTV nowadays. I really do dislike this music like most alternative people.
Here's a few more than might spill some light, maybe...

I really HATE:
- Brit Rock or Post Punk revival such as the Kooks, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Killers and stuff the like. I really hate this kind of music, it bores me and I think it has repeated itself enough of times.
- "Gothic" Metal. Come on guys, Nightwish has done their job well and long ago, no need to worship bands like Within Temptation, Sirenia, and what not because those amazing opera singers and musicians waste their talents playing the cheesiest and overdone music there is.
- Drum'n Bass. Because it makes me feel so uncomfortable and bad. Gives me a headache.
- Rap Metal. Bands like Limp Bizkit and Korn. Yuck..... I really like Deftones however, they are really nice.

I tend to spill shit all over bands mostly than genres, I would write here a disclaimer begging your pardon on my rudeness, but I won't because fuck you, that's why!
It is completely understood when one would say the same opinion about goth music. It is overdone and kitschy. But hell, I like it so much....

+ Nebel Violet +

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