7 April 2013

Weekend Adventures + Outfit post

+ We saw a fox in front of out house. This is perhaps the first and most important thing I need to tell you guys about!
+ We went to the KitKat club, which is mainly a sex/ bdsm club, but Friday night was a normal party celebrating 10 years for das Schwarze Buch, and thanks to a good friend we could enter the party in half price [it was too expensive for us]. It was such an amazing party, the music was perfect, the club itself had a cool sexy atmosphere, and we had some funny memories of the half butt ass naked people there ;)
I suppose that the most exciting thing about KitKat was that in Israel I used to imagine the "german clubs" with a good friend as huge places that had several floors, a chill out zone and a very specific atmosphere. We would dream on going to such a place one day. Well, I can say that this Friday I had the opportunity to visit this "dream". It really was amazing.
+ We went to a Folk concert of a friend who plays contrabass, it was a lot of fun and Boris even played in one of the songs ^^

here are some pics of outfits lately, I generally had a good time the past few days, I had some mood swings and was just a bit depressive, but it was all gone as soon as I began doing different things each day and made myself busy.

Taking a walk. I love our neighborhood [Schoeneberg] so much!

 I am going crazy with graphical eyeliner lately. Funny that I really hate eyeliner, somehow I manage to use it quite well on my low-crease-Asian eyes.

 The most normal picture I could get of the makeup, pardon the weirdness, I was drunk.

 My outfit fir Friday. I actually wore only bra + netted shirt the entire evening, but ah well.... I am wearing warm white socks because we're at home. I wore my combats with this outfit. Pardon the awkwardness, I was drunk. 

I am dying for it to get warmer so I could ware my wincklepickers with these pants. I love how they make any outfit look Batcave-ish.

Speaking of [not really] I like it how after 2 weeks my haircut was done I can notice my hair growing again. I basically cut my hair to have long hair again. I already had to cut the fringe a little bit, and I believe in 2 months or so my hair would almost reach my shoulders. I am a bit exaggerating here, but my hair does grow pretty fast.

A sprinkle of some intelligent music for a change.

+ Nebel Violet +

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