31 March 2013

Venus in Furs

Story time:

Almost a month ago Boris and I were walking to the underground train station after our language course has ended, it was 20:15 and the streets weren't as crowded. On our was walking the streets we stumbled across 2 mannequin torsos just standing there in front of a closed shop. 
Surprised, I decided we should take one home, because it's a free mannequin torso how awesome can it be? Boris after hesitating agreed, and so we rode the underground train with our new lady-friend-sex slave.
The torso was standing in our room for quite a while until I had a good idea how to properly decorate it:


 I gave her some tattoos, and she's wearing one of my collars and my old [CLEAN] thongs.

And now she's serving us as a belt hanger

What is more funny is that the day after we found the mannequins on the street we found 2 more standing in front of the same shop. I have no idea what happened to that second one whom we didn't take. Maybe she got taken to some nice perverted hands?

+ Nebel Violet +


  1. Your Lady Torso looks awesome! A while ago, I actually bought myself a part of a male mannequin, it is from knees to waist and it was just painted with a metallic blue car paint. I'm planning to make some tattoos to it too.

    1. You should do it! metallic blue sounds cool, you can make him look cyber!

  2. This is wicked! What a neat idea and quite a conversation piece.

  3. hahaha awesome!