28 March 2013

Shoooooz + gothy shoe advice!

I realized I haven't shared this yet.
So last month I bought 2 pairs of shoes, because I was excited and greedy to have more shoes, there are absolutely no excuses to why I am obsessed with shoes so much, I just need to have more and more of them, and wear every pair so rarely that I would complain on how they still blister my feet after so much time had passed.
Logic is a quality I seldom lack...
However, this time [thank god] it was different.
I managed to find surprisingly enough some very special shoes.

First off were the creepers!

I was so happy to find these! They were 20 Euro at a completely normal shop called Deichman. I was so damn happy to find creepers without having the trouble of ordering them online! Funny that I had to buy size 38 which for me is crazy because I wear 39-40, but the other sizes were to big. They are really comfortable, yet I haven't had a chance to wear them a lot because it's still too cold, and only one layer of socks fit in them, just like with my wincklepickers.

The next pair of shoes were Deichman as well, and they were Buffallo like shoes!

I've been wanting a pair of Buffallos for a long time hence my love to Nu Goth and all those Japanese fashion pics on Tumblr. These amazing shoes were for 20 Euro as well, and I was so excited to find Buffallo fakes so quickly!!! It really made me happy, also because I've been wearing them none-stop because they are perfect for snow and fir multiple layers of socks! They also make every outfit look a bit different, a slight change from old school goth. They also look cyber-ish in some outfits which is nice. I really had much fun combining these with different looks. Should I post pictures of those outfits? I probably should...

There is something very pleasant in finding cheap fakes of shoes you were drooling on having for a long time. I used to find so many gothy shoes this way, in completely normal stores, and for a very low price. I think that it is even better to actually buy "gothic brand" shoes [or clothes, for that matter] because then you make these shoes your own, and I had lots of times people asking me where do I buy my shoes [or clothes lol], as if my shoes looked different from anybody else's.
That's why my message to you would be to search for "fakes" if you really want to get a certain shoe but the original is too expensive. It really has a nice feeling to it, because then you find an original piece, you make it your own, it's cheap enough to customize and it makes the shoe feel more personal ;)

Have an amazing Easter weekend or whatever. I don't celebrate jewish Easter nor Christian, so have fun with whatever it is that you'll be doing!

Absolutely amazing band and song.

+ Nebel Violet +