17 May 2014

Totenwald - new dark punk band, photos and videos!

I can finally have a little show and tell about Totenwald, a new Berlin based band where Boris plays guitar in. Sergej (former Tanzkommandi Untergang basist) made the band, and his (everso riot grrl doll) girlfriend Trish Tank is the singer.
I´ve finally had the chance to take photos at their concert (because Squats), and so I´ve decided to shove a video of another concert in Hamburg they´ve had. Last month they´ve warmed up Metro Cult and Dystopian Society (and this post).

Some photos from this week´s concert. I was so happy to attend one, because this week is nothing but a mindfuck, yet I was so damn tired and had a stupid Seminar the day after so we had to leave early.

And of course I can share some music with you!!! Shot by a dear friend from a different concert which I didn´t attend, but I was so excited to see that the sound was quite good :)

Totenwald / Gentrification X

Totenwald / Cosmic Loneliness

Hope you´ve enjoyed, have a punk weekend and free time! I certainly hope to have some fun this sunday, we will be celebrating Boris´ birthday!

N. Finsternis

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