23 May 2014

Lancaster skin care products review

Woah, a skin care product review! That´s too high end for me.... but when Boris´ parents visited us in December 2013, his mother brought some Lancaster products for me as a gift (she is a fan of the line). I was very grateful for receiving a dozen samples and a few masks, despite the following:

  • I don´t usually use skin care products except for facial cremes. I generally have no idea what they are for/ if they will change anything in my life.
  • I am a poor student and obviously have no money (and therefore no curiosity) for most quality skin care products.
But half a year has passed since then (omg) and I can now do a review for you, because why not!
Since this whole sphere is very unexplored, this is more of  "your average idiot" review ;)

Good news!
Lancaster are cruelty free, so huge thumbs up for that one! 

A list of what I´ve got as a whole, and reviews on the products I´ve used + pictures are below.

  1. Flash smoothing scrub
  2. Flash purity mask
  3. Flash hydration mask
  4. Cleansing foam
  5. Purifying perfecting toner (face water)
  6. A sample of eye cream
  7. A dozen samples of perfecting night creme.
  8. Cleanser milk
That´s a lot of stuff! I´ve tried everything except for the milk, the toner I´ve tried only once and it was weird. so here we go:

1. Lancaster Flash Smoothing Scrub

I wasn´t "getting" almost all of the products except this scrub. It felt really good, and my face was really smooth the day after.
The scrub is very orange with even more orange sand-like stuff in. I remember having a scrub in my early teens, it wasn´t bad, so maybe that´s why I enjoyed Lancaster´s scrub as well.

So yeah, I recommend!

2. Lancaster Flash Purity Mask

ok so this was a cool mask. I normally don´t know what masks are for, not using them usually, and you know, I don´t see my skin turning flawless so why should I care?
But generally speaking this mask was very relaxing. The consistence is creamy and transparent, and when left on face either burns (pleasantly) or cools (also pleasantly). I felt my skin interacting with it, so I thought ok, it works then!

3. Lancaster Flash Hydration Mask

Now, this shit was weird. Linking the pics from the website I can now see that there is a reasonable explanation for each product, when you need it, why you need it. I haven´t red it yet and for the shear humor of this post I would say that this mask is weird. It is a light turquoise cream, which gets super hard and cemented on face after a few seconds!!! It gets so hard I couldn´t move my mouth. Washing wasn´t a problem, but I didn´t feel so relaxed and nice after it like after the Purity Mask. So I have no idea what this is for. Probably to contain the sexist imagery of women wearing green masks with cucumbers in order to scare male flat mates.

4. Lancaster Cleansing Foam

This was horrific. Seriously, I have nothing positive to say about the foam. It says on the foam that it can even be used as a makeup remover. Well I tell you it´s a damn lie. Even my cheapy cleansing gel from the drug store did a better job removing already removed makeup leftovers + oil makeup remover from my face leaving zero trace. This foam was stupid, I just wanted to finish it so I can buy my cheapy gel.....
so yeah, not recommended at all...

5. Lancaster Purifying Perfecting Toner

This is basically facial water, put it on a cotton pad, rub over face and that´s it. I didn´t really get it, it wasn´t as excited as the other products.

6. Lancaster Eye Cream

I couldn´t find the picture of the sample online. But I guess the product would look like this? My sample was beige colored, so maybe not...
On time as a photoshoot a very unhappy model told me that I am still too young to understand the importance of eye cream in my life. So when I had to use Lancaster´s eye cream I had low expectations. Yet this cream was amazing!!!!! It really lifted the area around my eyes in very tired mornings, it felt absolutely great! It didn´t make my eyes big though, which was quite disappointing, but I really loved it still. This was the best product from everything I had, I really recommend it!

7. Lancaster Perfecting Night Cream

I have like a ton of samples of this cream. So far so good, I still have my own night cream so I don´t use this one a lot. But I loved the texture of the cream, it is the exact fatness as I would like, and it smells lovely. I use it as a day cream sometimes.

So there you go, straight forward with my inexperienced opinion.
Do you use skin care products? Which would you recommend?

N. Finsternis


  1. yeah a lot of skincare stuff is just bogus marketing. The masks are kind of fun...I like using the cooling ones in the summer. I'll worry about skincare products when I start getting wrinkles

    1. masks do feel nice after a hot day of sweating. i still wonder though if they work when you´re old as well. some creams can´t really make your skin younger right?

  2. So much bogus marketing in skin care! I stand by the philosophy that one of the best things you can do for your skin is wear sun screen; other than that, just use what you feel is doing you good.

    1. good advice, sun screen is actually something you NEED. i wonder if bb creams that contain sun screen in them do the same effect. gotta hate those greasy ones