27 May 2014

Lee Scratch Perry and Instagram!

Weekend has been weird; parties were unpleasant and expensive, the atmosphere was so odd that Boris and I had a white night walking through the Berlin streets instead of wasting our time at some venue.
We did however visit a cool concert in the squat Köpi. Somehow after visiting squats witht heir super cheap drinks/ entry fees it´s a shame to go to a more expensive club and waste your money there. You kind of feel belong to squats the more you visit them.

Anyhow, the band we saw at Köpi was a post punk trio from London, Shopping. We went to see them because we didn´t want to go to a party because concerts can provide support to the scene so much better, and after listening to their music online they´ve sounded not like the usually punk stuff we saw at Köpi before! So we were curious.
If you love post punk and (even) post punk revival, you would find this band interesting.

This saturday Boris and I are also going to see Lee Scratch Perry, perhaps the inventer of dub music, who has been active since the 70s and is probably 100 years old, so we just had to see him while we can! Boris has been listening to a lot of dub these past months, and although we couldn´t attend Andy Horace´s gig last month, we sure couldn´t miss Perry. It was my late birthday present for Boris. I gave him a ticket to Portishead last year ;)
We are excited for the gig, to see someone so historic as Perry, and to feel the somewhat darkness of dub music live!

Due to very boring classes I´ve now opened and Instagram! Yay me, more of my beautiful self for the world to witness! As that was the last thing I needed when I actually can´t concentrate almost in any class (yet going over the material at home by myself makes me very interested and I do learn a lot).
Here is the link, I´ve also added it to my link list in the sidebar.

So far so good, I have officially found a new job and started working yesterday! 3 shift of 4 hours each week in a pleasent atmosphere where I can wear whatever I want and not shred my body to pieces from exhaustion in the process was exactly what I needd!

Wish you a lovely rest of the week, and I hope you are enjoying the beautiful warm days and not wasting them in different facilities getting your head educated! :D

N. Finsternis


  1. nights walking around town with your beau are fun ...especially when the weather's nice! I'm now following you on instagram :) I mostly post stuff from my travels around NYC ...maybe a nail art photo here and there. Quite a difference from my blog!

    1. ah cool, what´s your username? I can´t tell if all my followers are my fb friends or not, damn those goffy nicknames