1 June 2014

How we went to see Lee Scratch Perry +picture heavy+

Having a day out in the city with a picnic by the river, of course!
Boris and I have decided to spent the entire day outdoors and enjoy the wonderful weather. We packed sandwiches and a juice + vodka mix and went to sit near the Dome and museum area on the grass by the river. 
We are absolutely in love with the center of the city, the museum island, Alexanderplatz etc etc. despite the numerous times we´ve been walking there it always looks so beautiful and magical to us, urban but not cold. It makes us feel very happy and free when we walk the usual sightseeing places. I just can´t explain why!

This was my outfit and face of the day:

 Bleached my roots since a week, last time was 2 months ago!
Plus my Etsy orders have arrived (moon necklace + another one that I am not wearing here) and I will do a review on them!

bought this skirt from H&M last week. It´s exactly the "simple mini basic but interestingly high waist to all styles manageable" skirt I needed!

Boris having fun with a peach.

Fun Fact: the upper right picture is the only picture of us kissing, ever! In 7 years of relationship we actually have never took a kissing picture, because we thought it was lame. I actually really love this one XD

Some more together pics, we have so few of these! And you can see my tooth in this one, haha!

By now you have probably figured out that there are no pics from Perry´s concert. But the gig was really cool, Lee Scratch Perry is either somewhere in the the clouds of his mind or he is just trolling us all the way... I was a bit disappointed that he didn´t sing his songs with the actual lyrics but mumbled random synonyms (as he always does) and the only way I could recognize a song was by the band who accompanied him. But critic aside, Perry was good live and is very spiritual and Jah preaching live ;)  I was unfortunately very tired the entire time and the venue was packed, so I had to sit outside a couple of songs to breath some fresh air...

By the way, guess who stole a poster from the show? 

Have a wonderful week everyone!

N. Finsternis

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