3 January 2015

Starting 2015 with creativity

New Year´s eve was spent well with friends, food and a lot of champagne. We enjoyed firing some fireworks outside at midnight as well, and I believe the part that I like most about the new year in Berlin is how the city turns into a 3rd World War reality for a couple of hours: people are taking the fireworks very seriously, up to the point where it´s dangerous to walk the streets, especially towards midnight. I still consider it to be very fun, no matter how scary or stupid it is.

We had the most beautiful snow for like 2 days, but it was all melted down right for the new year. At least it wasn´t that cold.
I was also very motivated by your resolutions posts and decided to get in shape -gasp!-. So on the first day of the new year, after I woke up at like 16:00, I did some exercise and actually felt good about myself. So I hope to continue hardening my buns, no harm in that. I will probably quit in a few days to compensate it with food anyway.

Also, I managed to scramble this cliche experimental video yesterday, when after listening to the soundtrack of Only Lovers Left Alive for the hundredth time, I realized how much it inspires me, and next thing I knew my hands reached for my camera and any occult item I could find at home.
It is a lot of fun for me to be creating these silly videos, and even if the outcome is facepalmingly amateur I am still happy to share it. So here you go:

Experimental video No.1 using the music of  Josef Van Wissen and SQÜRL

I also have a few photography ideas in plan, since it has been ages since I have taken pictures, and I used to do it a lot the past 2 years. 
But before I get caught in any other creative hobbies I must attend to university matters first, since the second half (even less!) of the semester is in full bloom, which will require a lot of homework, reports and Hausarbeiten to do.

I hope you will have a wonderful winter and an amazing start in the new year!

N. Finsternis


  1. I love the video. It's cliche all right, but that's probably why I like it... Goth is sometimes cliche itself and this is the most goth video ever. And that's how I shuffle my cards... Not because it looks cool.... But because I can't shuffle

    1. Oh, and, I want to make a video too now!

    2. cliche speaks for the true goth in us. I am mostly upset with the outcome of most videos, just because my computer is slow and gets stuck during the editing process, even in wmm, which is the lightest program ever for editing videos. ah well, till next time :)

  2. I'm liking the video; in the name of constructive criticism, I wonder if the pendulum swinging at the start (0.14 onwards?) is a touch fast for the music, but I adore the shots of you running your hands under the water. I'd love to see you do something on urban occultism; no connection to nature, just dirty streets and witchcraft.

    1. a feedback! you are too kind. as this was purely spontaneous i was too lazy to go outside, since ideally i would love to do something like this in the forest near my house. and most of the scenes are included just because i loved how the picture looked like. But bringing this into an urban setting is a great idea, and I´ve never thought of it before. I´ll write this one down!