31 December 2015

Last December party outfit + face

Not my new year´s outfit, but from last weekend, when I actually took the time to take some pictures. Lets finish this year by looking all pretty and trad.

I have also had my hair cut in the beginning of the month, I´ve missed teasing my hair and bangs are a must.

 A new makeup routine- smudged cut crease with gel eyeliner and bordeaux pencil and lips. I love how this makes my eyes look huge and requires minimal effort.

Boris had a fancy outfit that night as well, looking more feminine than ever. His mother made the shirt which goes well with everything we own.

And for once, the party we went to turned amazing. Now to celebrate the new year with good friends, champagne and food!
I wish everyone an amazing new year celebrations! And thanks for sticking around with my blog :)



  1. omg your hair! I love it! Your look makes me want to go belt-shopping. Boris looks fabulous as well. I wish my mom made me cool things! That shirt looks awesome.

    1. thank you thank you!! i wish i had more belts, i am usually very picky with them.

  2. Looking great, both of you <3 And true, teased hair = best hair!