19 July 2015

Face of the Day: Eyebrows on Fleek

I love the feeling of cutting your fringe, grooming your overgrown eyebrows (fringe=low eyebrows maintenance) and drawing them carefully for the world to see. 

I pluck out half of my eyebrows in order to draw it higher. Drawing them on again actually looks natural, so no awkward super sharp black liquid liner for me. I also don´t really like the full grown bushy eyebrow look. Probably will make me look very Uzbek-ish like it does to my mom XD

I used a brown pencil on the beginning and drew the rest with a black one. I usually use only brown though.
I love how my eyebrows look

I can give you a smokey eye tip, if you are not tired of reading about smokey eye tips yet: smudge a little of black pencil on your eyelid, then cover it with a ton of transparent powder. It will not move, it will stay dry all day and won´t gather inside the crease and ruin your good mood.

You know what, here´s another tip: apply black eyeshadow on the lower lash line. It doesn´t smudge like pencil, and won´t look droopy after a couple of hours. Black eyeshadow will look dramatic enough on your lower lid, it also feels less heavy than pencil or liquid eyeliner.

Fun Fact: I actually say "on fleek" a lot. After I learned that this is what the cool kids say today it would make me feel very old not to overuse the expression...

Now to have my vacation at last! We are going to Copenhagen for a week on monday to see a dear dear friend. More adventures to follow as we get back.

Have a wonderful summer everyone!

N. Finsternis

15 July 2015

10 Songs That Changed My Life

Last year I did a post about 10 albums that changed my life. It took me this long to think about only 10 songs, which is more difficult. How can you sum up such a great influence on you with just a few songs?

Here are ten, for now:

1. Led Zeppelin / Stairway To Heaven

Sorry you guys, but I´m afraid it´s going to get only more cliche from here. Not much to say- it´s fucking Led Zeppelin, it´s the most amazing song in the world, you discover life, universe and everything when you listen to it, and the younger you are exposed to it the better.
What has the song changed exactly in my life? I don´t know, what has it changed in the lives of millions other people?

2. Queen / The Prophet´s Song

You know how I love A Night At The Opera, and this is perhaps Queen´s most underrated song. The arrangement and composition of this song is insane, this is basically classical music level. I can still listen to this song a thousand times, lipsyncing for my life.
A thought came to me while I listened to the album not long ago: it could be so cool to make a musical out of the album, like Jesus Christ Superstar- every song is like a happening in the plot of the film featuring different characters. That could have been so cool.

3. Bauhaus / The Passion Of Lovers

Yet again another cliche pick. I am in my first year of high school, I am walking to my bus station and listening for the first time to the freshly downloaded Bauhaus. My eyes widened and I couldn´t believe how it spoke to me. This song has incredible energies, mystery and elegance and represents for me that new thing I was exploring back then- post punk. It still moves me greatly today.

4. Opeth / Bleak

This is one of my favorite songs from Blackwater Park, their most famous album. Opeth have been with me forever, but this was one of the first songs by them that I listened to.

5. Sopor Aeternus / The Sleeper

This was the first song by SA that I listened to as well. This band was a huge revelation for me in my babybat years, and this song has captivated me ever since. It still echoes of scenes when I was sitting at my table alone at night, writing poetry or drawing, communicating with the goth world of the internet.

6. The Doors / End Of The Night

Another mysterious song. Everything by Th Doors reminds me of our first time together with Boris, as he introduced me to so many classic rock bands. I need to have another "special psychedelic" listen to The Doors again one day (hey, it worked with The Beatles´ Sergeant Pepper!).

7. The Birthday Party / Mutiny In Heaven

Either the song, or the entire album with the same name. This is me and Boris wanting to roam Berlin, play and hear cool music and meet Blixa Bargeld on the street while doing so. Berlin was a dream in black and white like a scene from the movie The Wings Of Desire which inspired us so greatly when we were 16 & 17. It still does. 

8. The Mars Volta / Teflon

This incredible band was associated with unpleasant memories for a long time, until just recently when I managed to replace that feeling with something better. TMV are powerful beyond words and always draw new emotions from me with time. First time I gave them a lesson was a very weird time in my life.

9. Radiohead / Paranoid Android

This song makes me incredibly emotional (lol like all songs on this list?) and besides everything is a fucking masterpiece. I hate the video, I don´t care how unconceptually conceptual it is, they have ruined the song with that video. I actually cannot listen to this song too often, I would get very fragile.

10. Grauzone / Träume mit mir

While we were at it, Boris and I thought that we were the only ones in Israel listening to this "obscure" music (nothing obscure when it came to the popularity of Grauzone in Europe lol). It was fun to understand bits and pieces of this song when we just began to learn German, and again there was something bittersweet in the air.

I always manage to link these kind of listings to my timeline or biography! Then again, it´s only the natural thing to do. Have you noticed that almost every song is associated with sad things? 
As if anyone even read what I wrote lol.
Also, every song mentioned was listened by me before the age of 20. I guess the music I´ve listened to in my teens has left a deep mark in me, and that is something I haven´t noticed before. What happened after 20? Have I died a bit inside?

N. Finsternis

10 July 2015

Ankh choker by Twirly Trinkets- Etsy shop review

Looking at various online stores inspired by 90s fashion made me crave for a choker, but unlike usually I kind of wanted it to be more goth.

I was happy to find an ankh choker on Etsy sold by a shop called Twirly Trinkets. Little did I know that I´ve contacted the sweetest seller in the world.
Seriously, I have been very happy about how personal purchasing on Etsy can get, but I just had fun writing to the seller, Penny, back and forth and I really could feel the person on the other side caring a bunch about her costumer. Needless to say the item came in perfect condition and looks absolutely beautiful:

It was tricky taking a picture of the ankh when facing the window light.
Also, this is a black curtain behind me to have a decent background for selfies at last. I am giving you production value here, people!
I loved a lot of items in the shop as well, I think the various chokers can go great with different styles, I loved the velvet ones especially. Also the prices are just right.
I have missed some classical gothic jewelry, but I like how simple these ones are, most goth chokers have way too much detail for my taste. Here are a few of my favorites:

Link to item

Link to item

Link to item

Have a wonderful weekend!

N. Finsternis

2 July 2015

Pride: face and outfit feat. Boris

Last saturday was our first time at Berlin pride. 2 years living here and we somehow did not have a chance to go until now. We were super excited and the parade was amazing, we had so much fun dancing around (for 5 hours, parade was huge!) and looking at all the beautiful people! The atmosphere was perfect.

Boris put on his crossdressing game and did his makeup, he was the prettiest of all the gender nonconforming people out there:

No, I do not have a good location for photos, but look at those legs!

Here is a better view of the dress. It is a very old dress of mine that I wore only once :P

Still trying to figure out if Boris looks like his mom when in makeup
I did not go crazy on my makeup, it is pretty much what I do to every party, only turquoise eyeshadow on the lower lid.

Here is a better picture of the hair. I have recently been trying out a new backcombing trick that a friend told me about.

 At some point we were in a hurry, so there was no time to talk an outfit picture of me. But there is an upper half picture:

I am very pleased with how my roots blend in with the uncertain color of my hair.

 This is indeed a transparent lace bra (best bra ever) and a cut out t shirt. Lower half were shots and teal tipped stockings, but my boobs have not graced the blog yet, so there you go.

I wish everyone a LGBT* week and a happy July!

N. Finsternis