28 April 2016


My life has been (positively) busy lately, so for lack of time for quality posts, here's a TMI tag:

1. what are you wearing?
H&M leggings, socks, an oversized Lebanon Hanover shirt and a sweather. These are my house clothes.
2. have you ever been in love?
Am always.
3. have you ever had a terrible break up?
Story time: I had one breakup in my life with my ex that I've dated when Boris and I broke up many years ago during our relationship. The breakup was terrible was because I basically dumped the guy over the internet after he spent almost a month waiting for me to come join him in Berlin after he moved there. I said that I want to move to Berlin, but not with him. This served as a trigger for me to start learning German and want to move, then after realizing that we are basically miserable without each other, Boris and I got back together, moved in together, and proceed learning German together in order to make the move.
4. how tall are you?
1.68 cm. Go google that to you measures. (always wanted to reach 1.70 but that never happened).
5. how much do you weigh?
Last time I checked it was about 57 kg. 

6. any tattoos?
None! When I'll get my first tattoo it will be super significant and you will hear all about it, which will result in me getting 20 more probably, which is why I am not getting my first tattoo in the first place.
7. any piercings?
Four on each earlobe.
8. otp?
I had to google this. Apparently an OTP is your favorite combination of characters in a fandom. I do not fantasize on existing characters, I create my own and fuck their brains out in my head. 
9. what is your favorite show?
Not watching any at the moment; current season of RuPaul's Drag Race is terribly disappointing, but Sherlock and Penny Dreadful were really memorable.
10. who are your favorite bands?
Hello, have you read my blog?! I cannot allow myself to leave this blank of course, so current favorite bands would be Placebo, And Also The Trees, Japan, The Smiths and of course Opeth.
11. something you miss?
Having more free time. And of course not carrying a daily burden of my existential suffering.
12. favorite song?
Oh come on... At the moment: 
Slackerbitch by Placebo and that one blues song we have with our band, it drives me crazy and I feel like playing it all the time.
13. how old are you?
24 and a half.
14. zodiac sign?

15. quality you look for in a partner?
That they will give their heart and soul to me for the rest of their lives because I cannot pace this world on my own.
16. what is your favorite quote?
Pretty sure I've mentioned it already, but here you go:
"The rain was waving goodbye
And when the night came
The forest folded its branches around me
Something passed by, and I went into a dream
She - laughing and weeping at once."
Opeth / April Ethereal
17. who is your favorite actor?
Omg Eva Green. She's just amazing!! I do love Tilda Swinton and Johnny Depp as well of course.
18. favorite color?
Purple. Bet you thought black.
19. loud music or soft?
Soft music playing loudly.
20. where do you go when you’re sad?
In the depths of my mind. Rarely a nice place to be.
21. how long does it take you to shower?
With hair - 15 min. Without - 5.
22. how long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
An hour and 20 minutes.
23. have you ever been in a physical fight?
Yes as a child and I have been scarred ever since.
24. turn on’s?
Guys - 
INTELLECT, long hair, feminine face, artistic qualities, and a constant look of sorrow and longing.
Girls - INTELLECT and lots of ass.
Also glasses on both. A Danish accent is good too. 
25. turn off’s?
Stupidity, tactlessness and basically lack of being a nerd in anything.
26. the reason I joined youtube?
Oh, is this a youtube tag? Ooops lol.
27. what are your fears?
I already mentioned my fear of waves, but I am also scared of cockroaches and losing my beautiful body after giving birth (no, this is no joke, birth is horrific).
28. last thing that made you cry?
A song almost did.
29. last time you said you loved someone?
Yesterday? Oh god I haven't told Boris I loved him today, that cannot be....
30. meaning behind your youtube name?
So this IS a youtube tag! :D
31. last book you read?
Miss Peregrin's Home For Peculiar Children and I am meaning to write a review on that as soon as I finish a couple of other book. Hint: I was not awed.
32. the book you’re currently reading?
The Taxidermist's Daughter by Kate Mosse. Omg you guys this is like And Also The Trees became a book. This is seriously good: fields of an Englisch village, beginning of the 20th century, an angsty loner heroine... I can feel the guitar reverbs coming! I will write a review of this including Miss Peregrin's.
33. last show you watched?
RuPaul's Drage Race but it was last weeks episode so don't spoil this week's for me!
34. last person you talked to?
35. the relationship between you and the last person you texted?
It was a neighbour... It's bearable.
36. what is your favorite food?
Currently it's couscous spiced with mint.
37. place you want to visit?
New York or Barcelona.
38. last place you were?
The university and it was, again, bearable.
39. do you have a crush?
Yes, on unexisting people that have not stepped into my life yet.
40. last time you kissed someone?
41. last time you were insulted?
This week probably, it was a cat call.
42. favorite flavor of sweet?
Do gummy bears count? I usually eat salty things.
43. what instruments do you play?
Played the recorder and the bassoon in the past, now bass guitar, yay!
because I have the same bass model, but this is an excuse to shove in a Placebo gif
44. favorite piece of jewelry?
My eye of horus necklace.
45. last sport you played?
Haha, nice one...
46. last song you sang? 
A Song To Say Goodbye by Placebo.
47. favorite pick up line?
Hi, I'm Maria! That always works.
48. have you ever used it?
Used what? Yes, I have. Many things, many "it"s.
49. last time you hung out with anyone?
If it's not chilling with Boris at home then with a photographer friend from Paris last Sunday.
50. who should answer these questions next?
Also, we have a first gig with our band next Thursday and I am freaking out!!
Maria Alexander


  1. Couscous with mint sounds awesome. Hope your show was awesome!!

    1. thanks, but it's next week! we're flipping out!