12 May 2016

First gig ever!

I just had to quickly update about our first ever band gig with Girls Like Us! It happened last week and I am still left in it, if I do say so myself - it was a hell of a first gig and I am so proud of us three for rehearsing our asses off to feel so comfortable on stage together! Friends were surprised it was our first time as (from what they told us) we looked and sounded very confident on stage.

And look at the super cool Trabant we drove in to the venue! All thanks to our drummer Maike (in the middle):

coming to the gig like 1969
My first experience with an electrical instrument on stage wasn't as "shocking" as I would expect. I mean- Boris always told me these horror stories about bad soundcheck, asshole soundmen who couldn't care less about you and not hearing some of the instruments as a result.

But the venue was really good, the sound guy was super sweet and really cared for everything. You could tell it was a somewhat high class bar and not a squat we were playing at.

Speaking of which, we actually warmed up Marakesh, an alternative rock band originally from Ukrane, they were pretty big there from what it seemed and even warmed up Placebo in their home land at the time. So we were stoked to play with them, and needless to say they were awesome live, very tight and of course- Mark is one charming frontman!

I still need to get proper photos, but in the meantime here's a short clip from the only song where I sing lead vocals :D
It is sadly only the ending of the song, but I am still happy we've got some kind of recording! More to come in the future I hope.

Next gig is at the end of the month, can't wait already!
Hope you're having a nice summery time! I am still busy as hell, as it's always is when summer semester comes around.



  1. Dude omg that looks like your 1000th gig. You are a total pro and you sing amazingly!

    1. haaaaaa omg this comment!!! thank you so much <3

  2. You definitely got the look and the whole atmosphere is awesome! I see confidence, skill, energy! I like that you all dance on stage!