19 January 2017

The Winter Tag

I'm kind of feeling myself with this cold everyday and snow laying around. I have comfortable warm clothes, a huge coat and blanket scarf and heating at home. Better yet - it's slowly starting to get brighter, the sun goes down a tiny bit later each day. Now it won't be dark anymore when I go to/come back from work!

Winter Tag found here, you're all welcome to do it as well!

1. What are your favorite things about Winter?

The holidays! As much as I love being warm when it's cold out, nothing beats holiday season for me. Planing New Year's, thinking of what food to make, which friends to invite, which presents to give... It makes me excited, and has always had. The day before NY is crucial - don't touch anything in the fridge, it's for New Year's!

2. What is your favorite Winter outfit?

Anything that involves my huge scarf blanket and thermo leggings/knitted stockings. I live for thick stockings in winter. I don't wear pants in winter at all, just skirts and dresses. Wrap yourself in a huge scarf and you're good to go!

Not my winter coat, as this picture was taking in Autumn, but you can see the scarf. That was one good hair day!

3. What is your favorite Winter food?

I think a crepe with nutella. Had one at the Christmas Market the other day, it was amazing!

4. Favorite Winter drink?

Defintiely Glühwein! The traditional Christmas drink in Germany (and many other European countries), it's basically warm wine with spices in it. It's a must for every Christmas market visit, warms you in the cold and is easily made at home. Also gets you drunk faster than anticipate!

5. What is your dream way to spend a Winter’s day?

Staying at home with my parents and watching tv. I missed my family terribly this New Year's and wished they could be there with me. It's weird to celebrate holidays apart.

6. How do you like to do your make-up in the Winter?

I like to do my makeup in general, but it's been a few weeks since I've been going full-face-instagram-goals-too-extra-for-work with it... I wouldn't have been doing this if it was warm outside... Also, lipsticks stays on longer. I dunno, guess I'm creative lately. But dark lipsticks are always a must this season!

From my Instagram

7. What are you hoping Santa brings you?

So festive, should have done this tag a month ago...

8. What are the first three things that remind you of Winter?

New Year's tree, warm socks and moving to Berlin. We moved in January 2013 to one of the more hardcore winters in recent years lol. I always remember the time when I had no proper shoes and thought I will die from cold outside. I was actually scared to go outside XD

9. What is your favorite Winter song?

The one holiday song for me:

10. What is your favorite Winter memory?

Whenever I was a little kid and when my brother was little, our parents used to invitepay a Ded Moroz (Russian Santa) and his granddaughter to visit us on New Year's eve. As kids, we were stoked when Ded Moroz arrived on our doorstep with his blue and white rob and huge cane. We would tell him some rhymes and he would give us candy.
As I grew older I realized that the real fun part of it was to guess how drunk Ded Moroz and his "granddaughter" (both played by a married couple dressed up, obviously) were at their visit.

11. What is your favorite Winter scent?

The scent of Olivier salad in the fridge when you open it. Don't touch anything, it's for New Year's!!!

12. Finish this sentence… If I could have one wish this Christmas it would be…

To see my family! We're going to Israel in May this year, it hasn't been long since last year but both Boris and I miss some quality time with our parents. I want to go shopping with mom and eat sushi after...

On recent news and as mentioned in the beginning of the post - I found a job! And it's kicking ass! I am so happy to be working again, and the people at work are super nice. I am sitting in an office all day and couldn't ask for more!

Hope everyone's having a lovely wintertime!


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  1. Congratulations on the new job! Hope you celebrated with Glühwein! My favorite part about the wintertime is the hot drinks! and a lot of the bars here have fireplaces in the winter. That's the best!