30 September 2012

Arg! Stressing!

We got the keys of our new apartment yesterday, we got up early today to clean every corner of it today [was a very smart decision not to be lazy] and the next 3 days, or shall I say the next week, is going to be so stressful I don't even know what to expect.

We're gonna move all our stuff with my father's car tomorrow, leaving only our internet in the old apartment. Which leads us to the following question- when we'll move the internet? I need to call the costumer service and tell them we're moving, but this will happen only the day after tomorrow because it's fucking holiday and it is ruining all my plans. I also need to make sure the guys from costumer service could be able to send someone this week because we want to leave our old dump as soon as possible! Funny I actually work in the same company from which our internet comes from. Shitty company, don't ever go there :)

However the stress, I feel I am finally falling in love with our new place! It has 2 rooms when our old place had 1 and a half, and it has nice taps, floor, toilet and shower and the house is full of students just like us, with no weird neighbors and mold that could infect your entire apartment in the winter [it happened, it was horrid and made us terribly sick].

The only problem is that we can't keep an animal in the new place. That is, the other people that lived there told us that as long as the owner of the house has no idea about it, it's ok. So we're gonna have a secret mission moving our sphinx rat to our new apartment. He's gonna love it ^-^

Boris holds Misch. This is from his first days with us! Has grown rather large since then.

What also stressing is a "goffik fashion" photoshoot that was planned by a 16 year old girl on Thursday, which I'll be taking part in. Why? Because she invited me after looking at my recent photoshoot that I posted here, and it is also important for me as a makeup artist to participate as much as possible is different free of charge shit, as this. I really hope this won't be so amateur as it can be, I hope to get the best of it anyway.

Speaking of photoshoots, I have a new picture Palina sent me!

Yay I look... rather sad and the ugly shape of my face is actually visible here. And my eyes are too close.
But whatever, I like the colors of it, I look 30 years back!

Anywho that's all for today,
Must I say thanks a lot for the new readers, I couldn't have done it without Natalie's mentioning me in one of her recent posts [OMG!]. Thanks so much this means a lot!
So yeah, thank you everyone, I am going to sleep after a storm of doing and arranging.

+ Nebel Violet +


  1. Congratz on moving to the new place!! :DDD
    We need to celebrate with black party hats and black balloons and black marshmallows roasted on black fire! O.o

    You need to find a secret hideout for your rat-fellow for when the landowner comes to visit. It could be he's private kingdom or something.

    Good luck on your photo-shoot. 16 doesn't sound to experienced but people can be surprising.

    1. She never visits, that's what we were told :)
      And he feels nice in the new place, moving stressed him out a little bit but he's fine ^^