8 September 2012

Spooky Bats At Night

What a nice Friday it was. After convincing some friends that they should hang out with us and drink beer at our favorite pub, this Friday turned out to be better as expected.
Boris was supposed to DJ again at another Dubstep Metal + Dark 80's event [insert heart pain here] but at the very last moment the owner of the place told him he wouldn't pay him because he is only a beginner DJ and that's the concept... Boris opposed the "Punk Way" saying he won't play, following a serious discussion with the owner about how some people [especially in Israel] would do anything to make it the cheapest way to "support" the alternative culture. Fuck this stupid place, will go to our old Goth Club, they're nicer anyway and always have good parties.

And this is what I was wearing for yesterday's night:

 Pardon out messy apartment, we're moving soon. That's not really an excuse.
A new mesh shirt I bought since it's not anxiously hot to ware it. I can even wear my stockings at last!

An owl!

And another thing I wanted to do for a long time ago.
A silly video!!


  1. "Spoofn Bafs Uf Right"
    I honestly can't read the font in the title =,=

    What do you mean "support the alternative culture"? And what about supporting by paying the people who work in culture-related jobs, such as DJing? Pigs.

    Next time I have a mental breakdown at college, I'll just go and do what you did where you did it. It seems kinda therapeutic.

  2. Yeah I can't read it too. It says spooky bats at night the same as the video.

    Some elder goth talked to Boris right after they announced that the 80's stage in canceled, and he asked Boris "so you won't play because they won't pay you, right?" it seems that it's a common thing considering the Wunderbar. Also Maor [of Dmusic] told me they lost a lot of DJs that way.