5 January 2013

The Goth Challenge ~ Day 2

Share photos and experiences from your baby bat days.

I hope this wouldn't be too boring, hence my baby bat years were really visually gothy only at very rare times. I mostly wore plain clothes, sometimes colorful, mostly I lacked style and tried to combine things that, well, define you as a young aspiring "almost' alternative.

 I am 14 [almost 15] here. This is like the most "alternative" outfit I managed to ware. I wore converse all the time, as well as my first ankh, and my hair is partially bleached because it had pink in it. I was listening to Visual K and System of a Down.

 For me, this is the first "gothy" picture I ever made. I was performing that day with my block flute at a renaissance festival near Jerusalem. Those were amazing times. My ankh was always with me ^^

 And yet another sort of alternative look. You can see the fading purple in my hair, and I recently turned 15!
My outfits were more inspired by anime back then. And I am freakishly tanned! And my eyes were too small for makeup!

Here is my first customized outfit. Here I am 15 and a half, already met Boris and his influence on me began to strike! I wore this "punk bunny" outfit for our "Jewish Halloween" which takes place in spring. I was very proud of it, wearing ripped stocking for the first time!!! This was also my first stocking shirt! I was listening to Emily Autumn and classic rock I guess.

My first mohawk! I am 16 I thik, Boris also had one. And I wore it with a tasteless hair clip because hair bands never hold my hair up! And this is the time when I began to wear safety pins as earrings :)

Second Jewish Halloween, I believe I'm 17. It was a fine DIY project, also because Boris made me a personal Einstuerzende Neubauten T shirt!!! I wore it all the time, and we've been listening to this band religiously!!!! I believe this was the time we found out about industrial music and Post Punk!
My first Opeth concert!!! I believe I am 16 or 17. One of the more gothy outfits might I say. The belt serves me till this day, it always looks different and can be rearranged.

I'm 18, and I'm proudly wearing my Ozzy Osborne glasses, which I bought for pennies and this type of glasses is my favourite ever since. This is my senior high school days, I was listening to trad goth bands such as Bauhaus [wow I was eating their music!] and Siouxsie and Copus Delicti. 
 This was my senior yearbook picture. I was already experimenting with makeup, and holding my beloved flute. Those pants were like my statement at the time, I bought them from H&M in Austria and I wore them till this day.

I'm still 18. My outfits become more... they become outfits, actually.

 My first makeup experiment. I am 19. I was very proud to have found an actual makeup style that would fit my horrible eye shape. I've gt myself a new ankh, and at the time I was experimenting with photography as well. My fringe is gone because this was also the time when I've forced to the army. Bad bad bad time in my life including Boris'.

Fun Fact: I didn't do my eyebrows until I was like 18! I just had no idea such thing existed until I found out about  shaping eyebrows of other girls in the army.

 I began to wear more accessories, but still my hair and face remained. I am soon to be an Israeli Army dropout,  thank Hell!

I'm almost 20 and it is makeup time! This outfit was so awesome, and I was wearing it at daylight. At the time Boris and I finally moved to live together, and I began to [forever] positively change.

This was taken a year ago! My first time coloring my hair completely from the roots. Eyebrows are soon to be shaved off. I've grown out that horrible thick fringe, and this is my first customized jacket! 

Boy, this shit was long!
I have to say making this was nicely nostalgic and not so much depressing as I thought it would be.
Thanks for reading this sentimental avalanche! 


  1. Those "Jewish Halloween" outfits are great! I've been in a fashion rut lately, and I'm ready to break out, so thanks for the inspiration. :)

  2. You look so damn diferent with long hair, although they both suit you amazingly, this was an amazing journey and you are far of from where you started, and sincerely i think this last style suits you the most, for what I've seem so far , here in your blog.