9 March 2013

Deathrock concert- Gruftschlampen, hanging out with ravens!

Yesterday night out dear friends Brita and Kokel of the Gruftschlampen had their CD release concert + party.
They asked for Boris to play in several songs so it was a double fun.
We had a nice time preparing the place. We put spiderwebs everywhere and placed some ravens here and there.
It was a great evening. I had so much fun photographing everything, and my personal achievement was to talk easily than ever with other people in German, which was so exciting for me!
Fun Fact- this whole party consisted of elder goths, so to speak. Every one was like 40+ and only Boris and I were the only ones in our 20's. We were kind of proud of it, that we have the chance to talk to people who have been living goth since the 80's in one of the hot spots in Europe.

Here are a lot of pictures [as always] of us. It makes me smile to look at them. It makes me happy that despite our language difficulties we were still accepted bt other very nice people.

This is how the place looked like after we gothened it up!

Me and Marta of Danzkommando Untergang.

Now for some outfit + makeup pictures:

Funny that in Israel I had to wait for Winter to wear my punk jacket. Here I have to wait or Summer!

It was very interesting for me to do this kind of makeup, because I never use such graphical eyeliner on my eyes, it never goes well. This time it was challenging and I am very happy of the result!

How amusing it is that I look completely white in some pictures and super yellow in others. And I don't even have makeup on! Only concealer as always.
By the way, my facial skin is far from being perfect. I have load of little holes and tiny wrinkles, not to mention over 40 [although very light] "beauty spots". The camera happens to compliment me every time.

And now, for some videos!
Gruftschlampen + Boris performing Gummizelle. It was very cool, I just love how Kokel programs the drums, it sounds so industrial at times!

And this is just me fooling around.

I hope that everything is fine with all of you! I had a very nice time, the rest of the weekend will be resting and going to the flea market. I hate going out too much on one weekend, I am too afraid for my health XD
Have an amazing rest of the weekend!

+ Nebel Violet +


  1. GREAT STYLE!!! Ihr schaut bezaubernd aus!!!

  2. it look like you're having a blass in there! you deserve it! awesome makeup! AND outfit!


    1. thanks so much! and yeah we are having fun!

  3. I'm so happy for you! you look so beautiful!! both of you.

  4. hell-o! tolle Fotos von Euch beiden. Besonders Ihr Make-up finde ich toll. wären Eure Türen schwarz oder violett und nicht braun sähe die Wohnung noch genialer aus. Liebe Grüße aus Wien - Michael

  5. danke Michael, seht nett von dir :3. naja mir Türen kann ja man nichts machen, denn es war ein Bar, nicht unsere Wohnung ;) LG zurück aus Berlin!