13 March 2013

The Nu Goth/ Grunge bathroom photo shoot

Today I've decided that it has been a long time I'd taken some nice selfies. I am used to taking really artistic and hopefully high class photos which helps me to improve, of course, but one could never get tired of cliche bathroom pics that make you smile.
I was really inspired by Nu goth and soft Grunge, something that I really love spending my time with on really lazy days. I am happy how this makes me want to explore different "alternative" movements in mindset and fashion. I love how these pictures have the drugged suicidal feeling to them, and still carry a really pig fashion and thinspiration influence one can only interpret wrong.
I don't know why, but sometimes it's a very refreshing break from Trad Goth, only to come back to the same thing and to see it differently. Very recommended!

Also, this was my first bathroom shoot ever! I am so happy.

I must confess that making this was inspired by the song Plague by Crystal Castles. And although I don't like this band very much, this particular song makes me want to create in any way I can!

Generally I can say this was an experimental shoot, but I am very happy of the result!

You can see my new creepers I got the other day at a completely normal german store. I was so excited for my first ever creepers! Can't wait for it to get warmer so I could wear them [3 layers of socks won't fit].

I wan to ask you:
What do you feel about this kind of pictures? How do they make you feel? Do you think there's something I could do better?
I'll probably make some more tomorrow because I had too much fun today making this, and I'm kind of proud to have found a new way to use my camera in order to create a different atmosphere. And of course, my Picasa skills which help me all the time! I can teach this stupid program, seriously.

Have an amazing almost end of the week!

+ Nebel Violet +