14 March 2013

The Grunge silliness continues!

Today I have been doing the same as yesterday- practicing on some more Tumblr inspired photos!
I have to admit that the look I have created isn't one of my favorite, however I like seeing it on others and I love to experiment. It was fun as the first time. I am pleased with how the colors turned out. It's lovely I actually begin to know my camera a bit better. With the correct color temperature and saturation, the way I edit the photos on Picasa later on looks completely different than before. I think I will have more fun with this grain effect later on.

These are also my last photos with the current hair. Tomorrow morning- Haircut! I am excited! Can't live with hair so plain as thin anymore.

The last one is my favorite.

It's not a bad thing when your apartment looks abandoned/ like shit. It's not my handwork by the way, but our flatmates'. I used Boris' shirt for this shoot as well as for the previous.

Good night everyone!

+ Nebel Violet +


  1. awesome! I love grunge feelings and ur aparment looks so cool!


    1. Haha thank so much! there are lots of corners to explore at our place.