20 March 2013

First time photographing other people- the experience

Last night I had caught some weird intoxication after drinking beer and eating snacks at home. I woke up with a horrible stomach ache and I vomited. I have been so tired today crushed by a strong headache. I hate being intoxicated, it tends to happen to me quite a lot. Therefore it had been really hard for to work on editing some photos and doing a research on something I've wanted for a long time now.

I have news: yesterday was my first ever photo shoot with other people. It was an Israeli cello player who has a trio here in Germany and she requested me to take "profile" pictures of them for the following concerts. She knew I wasn't professional so it wasn't payed, and to tell you the truth, I'm kind of glad it wasn't because it was so damn hard I wasn't quite happy of the way I was working.
However, this was indeed fun, and I finally understood how the other photographs who took pictures of me as a model worked. It is really hard to multitask everything at once [I am unable of multitasking, btw]: you have to set the camera properly, not to mention re-setting the contrast and light almost every 2 minutes [and it was only a semi prof. camera], telling the nice people not to look like they are visiting a funeral but to smile, to think about something fun, to sit, to stand, to hold the instrument in one way or another, to look at each other, to walk from one location to the other etc etc.
I now realize how freaking hard it is to do all those things, not to mention still smile and act natural, create a nice atmosphere and the like.
I was very confused and a bit embarrassed of myself, because in the middle of the photo shoot my battery suddenly died although I charged it in the morning of that day [clearly not enough...] so we had to search for batteries around the house, which was so stupid of me... also I was kind of disappointed of my camera, which is perfect for black and white shoots and really dark places, tends to loose the natural color of the location and add too much light. I edited everything in Picasa 3 as usual, it really helped to achieve the result that I wanted.

Another funny and frustrating thing for me was to make completely normal photos when I was used to make super gothy and dark creations for several years now. It is stupid, because this is why one shouldn't focus only on one style of photography to achieve a certain level, it's relevant to every subject in life, and it's very important. I hope I did a good normal job. Most people want themselves to look natural and nice in photographs rather than alternative and outgoing.

Here are some pics that I want to share, what do you think?

I am glad that in the photos you can sense they are really together as a group, and when they smile it looks really nice, like they are having a good time. It was really important for me to show. I really hope they liked it, I am glad I had a chance to work and gain experience with such nice people.

+ Nebel Violet +