26 June 2013

Animal Cruelty Unawareness In The Gothic Subculture

A conversation with one really known youtuber was the last strike for me to make this post. I was so moved by what she said to me, that it made me look at the subculture and specifically the people in it in a different way.

Animal cruelty. Sure cool whatever. I won't post any pictures here because that's not the main issue in this post. Well it is, but what had moved me was something else. I am so frustrated I'll just write what my heart tells me.

I kills me to see goths who talk in youtube or blogs about products that are being tested on animals and praise them, saying that "you can't live without them" etc etc.
It kills me to see the unawareness of goths to this subject. Sure you don't have to be vegan to be goth, you don't have to buy ONLY second hand to be goth and you don't even have to wear makeup to be goth [breathtaking, I know]. But the least you can do is not support the simplest thing, to waive from the simplest thing.
Why is it so simple? Because it's way too hard to be vegan for real and enjoy it, knowing that you're not forcing yourself out of the cheese and milk and doing it with all your heart. It's true, not all people are up to that. It is super hard to find amazing clothes in second hand stores that will match each person's style. It is hard to completely detach yourself from the mass production that our world has become, to refuse to buy from brands or companies we're too used  buying from.
But buying makeup that hasn't been tested on animals is easy. Why? Because there are TONS of makeup brands, and there's so much to chose from! You can easily find the exact same product in a different animal friendly company, and it will be cheaper mostly.
It literary destroys my view on the subculture when I see goths wearing fur or real leather or not giving a damn about the animal cruelty subject when it comes to makeup.
Goths wear makeup all the time, in fact the consumerism of some of the goths is quite frightening, but I can't blame anyone for loving makeup or clothes, hell I'm no exception.
But please, you'll do such a huge favor to the world if you won't buy from companies such as L'oreal, Schwarzkopf or Maybelene. People buy from these companies just because of the commercials that make us want it right here and right now. I used to by cosmetics from none friendly companies, and after being aware and buying from different companies, I really didn't see the difference in the product! They are all the same, and even professional makeup brands such as MAC have a respectful alternative.

I hate this ignorance so much!! Especially when we're talking about influential people that post youtube videos or run blogs that are popular worldwide. Those people who lecture about specific products don't know how helpful they are, but they're also not aware that they can make a change.
Other goths or babybats who follow these people see them as role models, and in a way want to be like them. When these people will be aware of animal cruelty products and would SPEAK ABOUT IT, it will change the perspective to the subject in so many little gothy heads of others...

And not only that, but anyone who is alternative and uses tons of makeup can do such a huge favor to all those poor rabbits and cats and monkeys and what not! Jesus just to think that the super cool dark purple lipstick that you so love to apply to any dark photoshoot or video that you make has been created through the death of hundreds of little furry creatures makes me sick! How can you use this with a calm heart?

If there's an alternative to animal cruelty products, why on earth not using it?
I mean sure, unlike medicine which is unfortunately sometimes is used on animals [which is unnecessary at all, but that's not the subject in this post] you have no choice sometimes but to take it, but for something as makeup? Come on you won't die if you'll not buy MAC or support them ever again just because the black eyeshadow you're using is so perf.

It really frustrates me to see goths not giving a single fuck what they consume. In my opinion that's one of the things that make you alternative, if not confirming with the standards, with what everyone thinks is ok. And currently, millions of people, be that costumers or workers of beauty companies, are totally fine with the fact that in order to make a fabulous mascara or a luxurious perfume, thousands of guinea pigs should suffer before it gets touched by the assface of the humble human being.
It disgusts me so much. If you really think you're alternative, I hope this post made sense to you.

It is very sad when people and especially goths don't pay attention to this or ignore the importance of this subject. Specifically mentioning goths over the internet who have something to say.
Thank you for the attention. If someone is equally dissappointed from the subculture in this matter please let me know.
I wrote this post when I was really frustrated and didn't touch some matters when it comes to consuming animal unfriendly products:
- If you don't have any alternative in your area or can't afford animal friendly products that doesn't make you cruel or unaware. I've mentioned in my "From Black to Blonde" post that I couldn't find an animal friendly hair dye in any drug store so I used Schwarzkopf. 
- The post was centered around people who are particularly Goths and not "normal" or "mainstream" people because in my opinion it can be a great example when alternative people would support animal rights, as much as for alternative people it is important to break all the stereotypes that are being pointed at them by the "normal" people. There are obviously enough mainstream folk that doesn't give a damn, but if one hopes for a change in our society doubly it would come from them. Also relying on the fact that most alternative people see themselves "better" or "different" than the average folk.
N. Finsternis


  1. I'm speechless right know! your post say it all! Not only goth, but everybody! we shouldn't support any kind of this actions!

    1. Really? Thanks so much for the support but I don't think this post is too well written. Thanks so much for reading anyway and I hope you'll support animal friendly products :)

  2. Honestly, I do try to keep it in mind. However, as horrible as it sounds, it's really difficult. I live in an area without cosmetic stores except the drug store, and if I want to order something in, shipping is often ridiculously expensive. Like, we're talking 30-40 dollars for a 12-dollar product on a few occasions. Considering that I don't exactly have a lavish salary, I simply can't afford that much extra money, especially since a lot of cruelty-free products are more expensive in the first place. While I do try to buy cruelty-free, in the end, it's often not possible for me. I don't think that makes me a horrible person.

    1. I get what you're saying and frankly I didn't include that in my post, but I did mention it on my "From black to blonde" post. I can totally understand the difficulties getting animal friendly products in some places of the globe. I had the same problem when I was searching for animal friendly hair dye, but when I didn't find nay alternative I used Schwarzkopf. I agree with you on everything you said, I really didn't write about it in my post. And of course it doesn't make you a horrible person when you have no other choice than buying what is offered in your local stores. I think that in my post I mostly focused on people who don't want to think about animal cruelty when they can afford [and sometimes even unconsciously promote] and alternative.

  3. I just wanted to point out that MAC now tests on animals. By law, since they distribute or create some of their products in China they have to.

    I understand what you saying, but I don't think you should be completely guilting just alternative people about this problem. All the Alt-bloggers I know, myself included, go out of our way to not use products tested on animals. I think it's more of an issue of people in general not being aware and those of the alternative subculture with influence not speaking out on issues that are important - so that the subculture as a whole improves.

    But yeah, generally I agree with what you're saying. :3

    1. Thanks for reading first of all!
      I talked only about goths in this case because my blog centers around the subculture, and I also disclaimed why because alternative people among all people try more or less not to go with the flow so to speak, and it makes me sad when goths don't pay attention to important things that consider our world and stay ignorant. Sure there are a lot of people who care about animal friendly products :)

      By the way, I wrote this post after a conversation with a VERY known goth blogger and she said that she won't buy from MAC because they test on animals, but she is trying to get to work at MAC now despite what she had said and that set the flame in me about this whole ignorance among the gothic subculture thing :)

  4. It's really fucked up that you think all goths have to be vegetarians or vegans. Goth has nothing to do with animal rights, so it completely baffles me how you think mixing the two is a good idea. I've never met a vegan goth, I think it's absolutely ridiculous and kind of pathetic for you to try to dictate how a whole subculture should behave, based off of your personal standards. This is exactly why I can't stand vegans, you all think you're so righteous and that your way is the only right way. Well, I'm a little busy trying to use my extra money to save human beings, you know, OUR OWN SPECIES THAT NEEDS A LOT OF HELP before I try to save animals. I still can't get it, I've been into the goth subculture since I was 10 years old, and in the past decade I've never once heard goth being associated with veganism until I saw this. I really can't believe what people come up with... Being alternative means being yourself, and if people don't want to be vegan then that doesn't make them any less alternative or goth. It makes them human, with their own mind and opinion.

    1. Hey there person who doesn't show their identity despite the mighty words. First off, I don't think people should be vegans, I am no vegan myself. I DO think that people should be more considering towards animals, because in our modern world, animals are being totally misused by OUR OWN SPECIES who think they are BETTER than anyone else. Judging by your comment, I can tell you don't really give a thought about animals rights. Yes, a lot of humans are suffering as well, but unlike animals humans can talk and have someone to save them from their unfortunate state. Animals can't, nor can animals' suffering can in any way brought in comparison to human suffering. Animals can't get themselves out of the butchery they are being held in closed cages. Humans face other problems.
      Second, this was a post expressing my own opinion. If it is so important to you not to be vegetarian and do what you like- do as you wish. I didn't dictate anything here, I don't think it is difficult to see that this blog is personal, and speaks for no authority nor company whatsoever. You can chill out and be whatever goth you like to be. Being vegan and having an awareness about animals rights was a suggestion to make our society better, one of many of course. If it isn't any to your liking, and you enjoy life being goth from since you were 10 thinking that it is right to let yourself chose between veganism and eating meat when for an animals it is a choice of being alive or dead- then do as you please. Just don't be surprised that there are goths who actually care about their environment, and yes, about animals, because it is no sin to do that, nor it is a too generous of a deed. Be whatever goth you like, just stay away from this blog and keep your opinion to yourself. Goth for everyone is something else, being alternative means being yourself. For some people, being themselves also means caring about the nature and animals. Shocking, I know.