30 June 2013

My first ever creative video

I wanted to make creative videos [specifically music videos] for many years, but never knew how to approach it, from where to begin and how to edit everything that it would look the way I want it.
Practically every song I listen to plays inside my head as a music video or a dance performance. If there are people who like not to imagine anything while listening to their favorite music, or to dance perhaps, then I would be the person who dreams to make music videos and touching or heartbreaking scene to my most loved tunes.

And I made a fan video at last, with the help of dear Boris of course :)
It was a lot of fun making this, tricky but interesting getting into details. I had all scenes planned in my head, some I sketched before filming to know how the settings can look like.
The biggest problem was to find a normal video editing software that would not either stuck my entire computer, make bugs in the finished video file or mess everything up. At the end I worked with Adobe Premiere Elements, which wasn't perfect at all and some takes get stuck in the beginning, but I couldn't fix it. And I saved the file in Windows Movie Maker, because I can't call myself professionally amateur for nothing.
I can also tell that my self gained experience and knowledge in photography helped a whole lot to how a scene should [or could] look like, what angle can be interesting and how to use the space that I have in my frame to benefit the scene. The only problem was that I didn't have a camera stand, so some scenes that were supposed to look still and not shaky [and there are some shaky scenes on purpose] look a bit messed up. But here's a conclusion for next time I guess.

Overall I believe that for a first in a lifetime directed video it turned out fine.
I have decided to take Metro Decay, one of my favorite Post Punk bands ever for a start. I wanted to take the song Keimillia which is my favorite, but decided to save it for later when I'll have more experience. So I took the song Ebenoz from the same album instead.

Fun Fact: one of the reasons for me taking Metro Decay is that first of all, the band doesn't exist anymore so I won't be afraid of copyright vengeance, and second of all, I adore this band so much [and the previously mentioned song Keimillia especially] and I try to show them to my friends or new people that I know and tell them how amazing they are. But no one appreciates this bands and worships it as much as I do ^^''

Please go to my youtube channel and watch it there in high resolution, instead of the tiny window here, it's not worth it :)
If you have time feel free to comment, express your opinion and critique! It would help me a lot!

Thanks ahead for watching!
N. Finsternis


  1. That video was really creative and well done. I liked the music as well! :)
    I've tagged you in something on my blog, if you'd like to participate ^^

    1. Thanks for watching! Next post I'll participate ^^

  2. nicely done indeed
    those railway parts remind me my amateur "passing" video which I made for deathrock/postpunk band Tongue: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OgBzkggRPaw

    keep filming, you are good

    1. Thank you so much for watching!!! Railtracks always do the job without you being in the need to invent scenes of move a single muscle! Your video is very good, goes great with the music and I enjoyed watching the city :)
      Thank you so much, I am now trying to summon ideas for my next video...