22 June 2013

The Lucia Lip performance ~ Electro Pop Extravaganza!!

Yesterday I attended a very interesting performance. There were 3 live act taking place at Supersonic bar, which is a place Boris and I sometimes like to visit due to the 60's atmosphere and the amazing Borzoi dog Утеха that resides there [like 90% I come because of her...].

So anyway, the first to start the evening was the lovely Lucia Lip, a french girl who came to Berlin 3 years ago, and plays a somewhat weird mixture of pop, electro with a punk attitude!
I'm normally not interested in this kind of music, but Lucia really got me into her music. Her voice is absolutely amazing, as she sings from opera-like high pitches to horrid screams that fill the hall. I really loved the instrumental part that was played as a background, which she made herself!

If you're looking for something out of the ordinary go check her out! The recorded pieces sound as great as live!!
It was great taking pictures, though quite a nightmare capturing Lucia on camera, because she danced and walked around ;)

And then after Lucia Lip something else happened. There were 2 more live acts left:
What can I tell you about them? Unfortunately not much of the positive, hence I really didn't enjoy their music for one bit. I ever erased all the photo I took while they performed, because they didn't inspire me at all.
That's the bitchy part about me when I go to concerts. I looove taking pictures of bands that inspire me, when they play something I like. When their music isn't to my taste I don't give a fuck. I am [un]fortunately very subjective when it comes to this matter.
The Unkindness Of Ravens were fine, really, if you don't count the fact that all of their songs sounded the same and I was begging for it to be over [half of the crowd also escaped and stood outside the bar].
And Mona Mur... well, don't let me start on how people in their 40-ies look like after they are ass drunk trying to pull some cabaret-theatrical act. That was just sad a tiring.

I believe that I really love taking pictures of bands, but if I don't like the music, I don't like anything! 
I am not ashamed to say my opinion out loud about it. The truth always hurts...
So I was happy nonetheless to get a chance to see how Lucia Lip was so unique in comparison to the other musicians I saw yesterday :)

N. Finsternis

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