20 June 2013

From Black to Blonde - Second Coat!

I am having a lazy time doing posts lately. It's been so hot I find myself sitting at home all day fearing to come out.
So I asked Boris to color my hair blonde the second time to see what happens. The color has faded out quite well, leaving me with semi brown-ginger hair, so I was eager to see what will happen this time.

In order to compare, I shall recommend you checking out the first From Black to Blonde post.

So this is how my hair looked like:

Makeup looks quite well. Thick black eyebrows do me good.


Excuse the minimalistic makeup and no straight hair. It was very hot today...
Dark brown hair turned into orange, the roots picked up the color surprisingly well. 
Unfortunately we didn't have enough of color for the back, so the lowest layer remained dark brown. We'll have to color it again, but not too soon.

So the conclusions of the second coat would be:
  • The color didn't burn my skin at all unlike the first time. So instead of worrying I'll fry my scalp I was like "burn hair, burn!".
  • After the hair was washed and dried the ends were especially dry just like the first time. I put special hair cream on them with tons of Moroccan oil. On the second day I could tell the difference of how my ends felt.
  • I didn't have a chance to straighten the hair yet, because I am almost not going out, but when I'll do I'll tell you how the hair felt.
  • Must I add that I colored the second coat approx. after one month had passed and my roots were visible. You can color the second coat like a week after the first one, just take care of your hair properly. During this month my hair looked and felt ok, it wasn't dry not did it break. I used the hair cream once a week and the Moroccan oil every 3 days or so.
I used the same color dye by Schwartzkopf that I used the first time.
If you have any alternative hair color which doesn't test on animals I highly recommend using it instead :(

I feel that lately I have been bombing the blog only with pictures, and I frankly don't see that a good replacement for verbal context. I hope I'll manage to write my thoughts and feeling here more often. 

My favorite song the past days.

N. Finsternis


  1. OMG, you've changed so much!!! you look nice tho!! you look good in both colors!


    1. Yeah it's a bit different from what I used to ever look like ^^ Thanks, I like trying new things especially with my hair!