15 June 2013

Quick Outfit, News & Fact Post + ASK ME SHIT!

It's finally weekend!!! This week was so exhausting but everything I did during it eventually [like everything else in this universe] payed off.

The latest news are as amazingly awesome as they are astoundingly terrifying.
I shall begin with the good news first:

  • We have finally found a new place to live in!!! After so many helpless and desperate apartment searching [and mostly failed to accept us as a couple living in one room with other flat mates] we have finally signed a contract for 7 months with a sort of company who runs 2 apartment sharing flats [WG in German] who had absolutely no problem if we were a couple or not. We feel really great about it and will be moving there at the end of the month.
And the bad news:

  • The newly found flat followed with an amazing discovery one evening the other day. Boris and I were sitting calmly in our room when suddenly we heard a scratchy sound coming from the part where the wall meets the ceiling. After asking out flat mate about it he had said he also heard the sound, and turns out- we have MICE in our walls and ceiling!! Creeping and building their headquarters searching for food. I was shocked at first, didn't know if I should laugh or cry. I love mice and miss our beloved sphinx rat Misch whom we left in Israel. But many mice, crawling in numerous quantities inside our house is not fun at all!!! It's amazing how there were troubles from the very first day we got to our current room, and they continued till the very last day. I still considering the possibility moving out a bit earlier.
So that's that. I will go to sleep now to get my strength together after this tiring week and go to a party later tonight!

 The magic power of a concealer to hide the purple-red circles that I received at birth under my eyes...
I promise to post a picture one day of how this actually looks so you can see the difference!

Jacket - customized
Mesh shirt - random store + costumized with studs from an old belt
Tights - random store
Shoes - Deichman
Neckless - belonged to Boris' mom once

One last thing:
Hence my cravings to feel needed in this world, I have added an "ask me" button at the right column. This links to my ask.fm account. So now you can ask me shits. Questions and answers will be posted here for the interest of all. 

N. Finsternis

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