16 July 2013

Deathrock Outfit of the Night!

This weekend we attended a one year post punk~goth party at Zitadelle Spandau.
Now, this Zitadelle thing [where Boris saw his Portishead concert] is an actual castle thing where events are held. And apparently, goth party once a year!

Fucking looks like this, insane, huh?

Although we had to drive through the ENTIRE town to get there, it was an amazing party and it was worth it. We had a great time with 2 of our best friends. The music was also surprisingly good, very dancy and a lot of hits were played.

This was my outfit and makeup:

 Boris wore his high heels in the beginning, but the floor at Zitadelle was covered with small rocks and it was a nightmare walking on the with anything but sneakers. So Boris was lucky to switch back to his all star shoes, and I was dreaming on doing the same. Walking after a couple of beers on those stones even with solid platforms was horribly uncomfortable!

 Me and beautiful Marta of Tanzkommando Untergang.

 Can't tell why my hair looks more ginger than blonde on some photos. But I'm planning to make it ginger anyway in the near future.

 I've missed doing creative makeup! I have recently bought a primer, so the eyeshadow can no magically stick to my lid and move nowhere from there, I was so satisfied with it!!!!
I've also used white powder, a product I was smart enough to bring with me from Israel but I've completely forgot about it!

And yes, I gave myself a fringe, because a side fringe is too mainstream for my humble self, and that I am not me without a proper fringe ^^
It's a bit messy, but I am very happy of the result, face looks a lot better with it.

Somehow I ended up looking like a mixture of punk and deathrock, not sure even if one call mix those two without getting the same result, so I hope I've just made sense :D

N. Fisnternis


  1. you look perfect! your makeup, hair, outfit!! it's always nice to read your adventures!


  2. You look fantastic! :D Glad you had a good time. :)

  3. fabulous!!!! and such a cool venue!!! wish there were real castles in NYC!

    1. Thanks! the venue was indeed amazing, but not for walking with platform boots X_X

  4. Wow, the location seems perfect for the party, except for the floor maybe. I really like your new fringe, it suits you and so does the make-up!

    1. It didn't XD
      Thank you so much for the compliment!!

  5. WOW! Ein grandios schönes Makeup... und Deinen Style mag ich eh... Siehst toll aus!!!