13 July 2013

The Goth Challenge ~ Day 5

Haven't done this in a while. The first to notice that I'm not doing the challenge chronologically gets a cookie!

Day 5: Is there a local goth band or group in your area?

How did you know? There are a lot actually, as to should I remind you one of the reasons we moved to Berlin... There are probably more goth bands from all over the world that come to try their luck in Berlin more than there are actually Berlin based bands, if you know what I mean. Although it may seem like there are tons of them, actual goth bands are pretty hard to find in Berlin [hipsters took over].The only survivors or band who are actually Berlin based and strictly goth which still make music are listed here.


A band of 2 good friends, Brita and Kokel. They can be described as deathrock. I really like their music and their live concerts are a lot of fun. Too bad they don't perform that often. Make sure to check them out on facebook!

Tanzkomanndo Untergang

Unfortunately split only last month [!!] this band of another 2 good friends [I am not corrupting this fifth challenge I swear!] has probably had a huge impact on my experience in the subculture. Not only is the singer Marta one of my best friends, also the bass player Sergej is hilarious and taught us a lot about how things go in the scene here. Both make amazing Russian speaking company. Should I tell you it broke my heart to hear they've split? Should I tell you that I was honored to take pictures of their shows? I think my heart aches to this on a daily basis, but good friendships never die. And TKU are like one of the best highlights the goth scene in Berlin had seen in a very long time. Let's just say that this band will always be dear to me. Make sure to check them out on Facebook!

Photo is taken by me :P
Fun Fact: Our first ever hangout in Berlin was at a TKU concert, where we first met Brita and Kokel of Gruftschlampen, and Marta of TKU :) It was held in Kopi, a house project filled with punks and colorful walls. I will never forget that night.

The Wings Of Desire

Boris' post punk project! Reincarnated from Junkyard + The Wings Of Desire, Boris is now working on new songs and has decided that although he couldn't find people to make music with [what did I say about goth bands in Berlin in the beginning?] he will perform alone on stage despite everything. I am so excited about it, I can't wait to post here his new songs [and the awesome androgenous photoshoot we made for that occasion]! Meanwhile, I shall put here one of his old songs, please check him out of Facebook!

Picture taken by me :P
Fun Fact #2: Rumor has it that there're more Israeli bands in Berlin than in Israel. But don't take my word for it....

N. Finsternis

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