9 July 2013

Face Of The Day + Gel Eyeliner Review!

 Everything you see on my face there was made by only one product [except for the lips and a bit of eyeshadow] - Gel Eyeliner by Catrice.

Now, my story with eyeliners may perhaps be similar to everyone else's - I hate liquid eyeliners, they're difficult to handle, they tend to crust and break, they're a nightmare to apply especially in my eyes' case. I also have a huge problem applying liquid eyeliner on my lower lid because it sticks to my relatively long lower lashes and smudges on my face.
Also because of my falling eyelids I constantly need to check if the eyeliner turned out well while applying it, and that I cannot do with liquid eyeliner hence it sticks to my "crease" [or the skin and meat that's covering it. I don't actually have a crease like most people, my lids resemble an old persons'].

With that being said, I had been using gel eyeliner since a long time now.
My first one was L'oreal's, and it was good at first but then it completely dried and was useless, not to mention the company tests on animals so I wasn't even considering buying it ever again.

But the Catrice gel eyeliner is perfect.

  • First off, the company is animal friendly, so not sweat on that. 
  • Second, I've been using the product for 2 months now and it's in perfect condition, and doesn't seem to be wasting so much.
    The brush you see in the picture I bought especially for this eyeliner, and it serves me well for the look above. It is really nice for making edges, on the outer corner of your eye as well as on the inner. 

  • Another pro to this eyeliner is that it never crusts, never creases on the eye [and I suffer from that because of the mentioned facts above], and it just stays there dry, moving nowhere.
    I also never use makeup on my eyelids and only very rarely put eyeshadow on my lids [because it never lasts too long, always smudges, etc etc], and when I colored my entire lid with the gel eyeliner in stayed there the entire day! I was definitely surprised.
  • The gel eyeliner is also great for coloring eyebrows. I used to do that with a black pencil, but it doesn't fully color them, and doesn't stick the little hairs together. But the gel does, so it makes them look smooth and neatly drawn. I believe that if you have shaved your eyebrows and want to carefully draw them, the gel eyeliner would be a great solution, instead of sweating your ass off trying not to mess your eyebrow up because your hand is shaking.

Fun Fact: as seen in the picture, I never color the inner corner of my eye, or in other words- connect the lower line of my eyeliner with the upper. It is due to the fact that my eyes constantly tear in the outer corners, to the extinct that nothing lasts there more than 5 minutes. On very windy [or perhaps random] days my right eye can tear up so much I have to wipe it every couple of seconds with a tissue or with my finger. That's why I always focus on my inner corners, also because it makes my eyes bigger.

And so at last the product review is done :)
By the way, thank you everyone for leaving comments on posts, I am very happy when people reply on posts here, which lately happens quite frequently.
Please don't hesitate and leave a comment whenever you like. I love to hear what you have to say :)

N. Finsternis


  1. great post! I always have a fight with liquid eyeliner!


  2. I have the same brush, it's great!

    1. Yeah it's a nice one, but I am looking for something that will suit for eyelid filling.

  3. This is great! I was actually wondering what a good gel liner brand is (naturally it has to be cruelty free). Here in the states, I've used E.L.F. which I found WAY too greasy/runny. And Manic Panic's Creature of the Night gel shadow worked, but it is quite dry, and you have to keep applying it over-and-over until it's bold enough.
    I have that problem too with the liquid felt tips. My hand are WAY too shakey to properly draw it on. I could never make the little "tick marks" on my bottom lash line with liquid, and my brows would always be a disaster. :P

    Also, do you usually use that little tiny pen brush, and how does it work for you? I've been using the slant brushes and trowing the ones that come with the gel liner away.

    1. The brush works great, but I only use the bigger side of it, not the tiny pen one, I find it not big enough and it doesn't catch enough eyeliner to make it faster to apply. I am looking for a more texture brush right now.

  4. You don't have "old people eyelids." Hehe! You just have hooded eye-lids - which is really normal. There are tonne of tutorials on YouTube specifically for hooded eyes. :3

    I'm the complete opposite of you. I love liquid eye-liner and despise gel. But I've been trying really hard to find a good gel liner.