28 July 2013

Outfit + Face of The Night + Dystopian Society concert!

I have so many plans for posts I don't even know where to begin, but those selfies pilling up in my computer folders need to go somewhere, don't they?

A LOT has been happening lately:

  • 2 days ago I had the chance to see Dystopian Society live for the first time. It was absolutely amazing, though at the beginning I didn't like it that much. At first I thought that the vocals were too blasted with reverb and smudged with too heavy [and as always loud] guitars. But maybe it was the beer or the fact that it was my first [and last] ever pogo, the concert and the music were perfect in their energy and sound, I enjoyed every song including my favorites such as Death Signals and No Hope. It was an amazing night. Also the first act were my all time beloved Tanzkommando Untergang in one of their last concerts, which were absolutely amazing as well, the new and not yet recorded songs were great and dramatic! One thing bummered the evening though- the concert was held at a house project so I wasn't allowed to photograph although I asked permission, still can't get over that.
  • Yesterday we went to a party at the island of Treptower Park [and island in the middle of the lake, pretty awesome]. The party was of the "quarter of a year" type, with a big outdoor venue and super expensive drinks. What could have made it better were the presence of air conditioning on the dancefloors, but you see, there were none. So you can only imagine the smell of cooked human flesh that filled each one of three dancefloors, lack of oxygen whatsoever and evaporating heat. During the torturing act of dancing Boris actually had an idea to turn the main heating in each room on for the sake of irony. So the high temperatures have actually put me into a party pooping mood, but spending time with friends talking outside was definitely worth it. Luckily, my makeup didn't smudge a tiny bit. Dunno how.

I've made a faked side hawk because of the heat. I think I shall pass on parties this month, it's impossible to move, besides other great concerts are soon to come.

Speaking of concerts - since I bought Boris a ticker to Portishead as a birthday present, he has decided to get even on me and buy me a ticket to The Cruxshadows, to which I was so grateful.
The Cruxshadows are one of the goth bands I discovered as I was researching the subculture, and I liked their songs a lot. I liked the dancers and violinist they have, and the music sounded very tender  and gloomy to me. They are far from being my favorite band or even my favorite genre of music, but they kind of have a "special babybat place" in my heart, and I'm very curious and excited to see them live on the 1st of August! I hope to take pictures as well!

N. Finsternis


  1. you look fabulous! and omg I can't believe he turned on the heat... I would have been SO pissed.

    1. Thank you! Boris didn't really turn the heat on, it was only a joke. Could have been devilish though ;)

  2. So you did decide to see The Cruxshadows. :)