22 July 2013

Summer Goth Outfit Of The Day + Dinosaurs!

Woha, I got 62 subscribers!! O ma Lord!!
Thank you so much for subscribing, this means the world to me and distracts my mind from the awful day I had today! Welcome new subscribers, feel yourself at home and beware my cynicism.

Yet I have literary had one of the worst days this year.....

  1. Boris and I got a 40 euro fine in the train for "not driving in the hour our train ticket is prescribed to." Out ticket is from 10:00 in the morning, and of course we forgot that because there was no tackle with this before ever, and what do you know- 10 minutes before it was 10 o'clock we get on the train, the ticket control guy catches us, takes our names and address, and each of us has to pay a tone of money for simply forgetting. For fucking 10 minutes. This broke me.
  2. But it didn't quite break me as the second tragedy today. I didn't pass my language test which I made back in June. I mean I did, except for only 1 subject in the test in which I got not enough points, the rest 3 subjects were perfect. I've cried, and then I went to sleep in order to wake up with new strength and fight power, facing the fact that I would need to make the test again, and waste 150 euros for it.
Thank you for reading my pain. And now the outfit.

Oh look how happy I am, unlike today. Ok I'll stop now....
Tank Top - from an Israeli brand [Castro] a few years ago.
Skirt - outlet of an Israeli brand [Renuar] ages ago!!
Stockings - I don't even remember.
Shoes - Deichman.
Glasses - random shop in the quarter Neukolln in Berlin [resembles the Hadar neghborhood in Haifa, Israel].

This is the far "goth" that I can dress in the last days [not nights, nights are bearable]. The stockings were the most far I could go. When it's deadly hot outside [not to mention when I lived in Israel] I can only wear a tank top [or t-shirt] and something short. I don't always use sunscreen, because I am too lazy to apply it and I manage to avoid sunlight in a way...
Funny that in so many "how to goth summer" videos in youtube you would get advices wearing see through clothes like mesh or fishnet. Pff, if I to wear something like this I would have died and melted with me makeup.....

We went to the Naturkunde [Natural History] museum a few weeks ago. It was awesome and sad at the same time.
Awesome it was hence the huge dinosaur skeleton they have there [I was a huge dinosaur fan when I was a toddler] and the very interesting fossils [after watching tons of David Attenborough documentaries we were like "Bitch Please! I'ma fucking know what's this fucking fossil even fucking looked like!"].
The most amazing part were the crystals, a huge room full of absolutely astonishing in their beauty minerals and crystals... wow, I could have walked there all day gazing at them, that was magical.
The sad part was that the other half of the museum was a gallery of stuffed wild animals, insects, birds and some ancient creatures, but that didn't quite matter to us, because we were walking there with long faces looking at those once alive animals. If I was a little kid walking there I would have cried....

Here are some photos of the fossils and dinosaurs!

Have a nice hot day everyone!

Finish sounds very interesting to me, but somehow resemble Japanese....

N. Finsternis


  1. Aww, sorry to hear about your day. Wow, I didn't know they were that strict about train passes. Also, what linguistics are you studying?

    If it is Deutsch, that even confuses me, despite being my family's native language. It's the modal verbs, and indirect object pronouns that make is so difficult for me, and the "flipped sentences." However, I've found your writing quite impressive :)Especially the fact that you speak like four languages.

    Hot in Berlin? It is here as well. Hot and rainy if that makes sense :P

    1. I did a special test that is a must for entering the university. Without it I cannot study in germany. there were 4 parts of the test - reading comprehension, hearing, writing and speaking. all I did perfect, except for the writing part. i got so dissapointed. the worst thing is that i can't even have the test back to see what I did wrong.

    2. Aw, I'm sorry to hear that.
      This may seem benign, but I know you will do fine! I am rooting for you and your love to live in Germany, and I want to meet you! :)

    3. Thank you so much! I need my strength and motivation to come back to me. Maybe that's what I get for lazying too much...

  2. wow ... that's so crazy about the train passes. We don't have anything like that here in nyc. Also... wuper hot here. I hung out at the coffee shop just for their AC.

    1. Europe doesn't know what AC is ;) but luckily it's only super hot for like 3 months, after that the trains serve as a good warm place where you can hide from the snow.

  3. lovely!! you look s good as blonde I can't get over it!!

    would you help me in a competition? new post in the blog explaining it, thx.

  4. I'm sorry to hear you had such a bad day.
    You do look lovely though, and I understand the heat thing. Though it doesn't get unbearably hot over here, and normally I can manage, I still avoid sunlight and my makeup still melts. XD

    Hope things start getting better. :)

    1. Oh! And congrats on the subscribers! :D I'm so happy for you!

    2. Thanks a lot! Everything is better now, enthusiasm and strength are back to me again.