30 January 2014

The 100 Day Song Challenge - Days 8, 9, 10 & 11

Lying sick in bed for the past couple of days, not getting ready for finals as planned. Just the time to continue this challenge:

Day 8: A song you used to like but now hate

Back when we used to go to the only goth club in our area in Israel, I used to listen almost only to aggrotech, ebm and synthpop. As the time passed by I´ve realized that I adore the old school time of goth and dislike the cyber stuff. I´ve felt that especially since we´ve moved to Berlin with Boris, that was when all my emotional connection with the new so called synth goth music was over. I cannot stand anymore Diorama (even though seeing them live was pretty cool), Centhron, Noisuf-X and so on.
I still like new wave and other electronic genres, but respectfully they have nothing to do with the whole cyber world. The worst part is to actually understand the "cool" lyrics, and realize how below the belt they are...

Centhron / Cunt

Day 9: A childhood memory T.V. theme tune

When I was a kid, I used to watch this lovely Russian TV show about animals, called "the animal world" (в мире животных). There is basically no Russian kid who hasn´t watched the show, hosted by the sweetest man on television (Николай Дроздов).
The opening theme was especially memorable:

Paul Mauriat / Alouette

You can also enjoy this dance remix of the tune:

Day 10: A song from one of your favorite albums (what is the album?)

Insert drastic change of moon here, as I cannot not include here one of my favorite bands for many years, and one of my favorite albums ever. Seeing this band twice was an amazing experience as well. Not enough words to express how I feel about this album. It was also my first step into more dark music, within the Metal genre as well, back when I was 15.

Opeth / Blackwater Park

Day 11: A song from an artist you are attracted to

Physically or mentally attracted? ;)
I don´t think I am in the proper age anymore to be "attracted" to a musician, then again there´s Boris...
It will have to be Bret Anderson then, because he´s androgynous, and I like my men that way. This is one of those bands that I like by songs only, the albums just didn´t excite me as much. So here you go:

Suede / So Young

N. Finsternis


  1. ugh i've been sick in bed the last few days too! That Centhron song sounds like every song I listened to in high school...even though I've never heard of that group...or maybe I have. It's hard to tell them apart. I'm so very over this. Bret Anderson...he's got a beautiful voice. and beautiful hair.

    1. I sort of can tell them apart and I regret it. Get well soon!