10 February 2014

The 100 Day Song Challenge - Days 12, 13, 14 & 15

Sorry for lack of quality and quantity of posts lately, I´m having my exams this week and I am going nuts! O_O

Day 12: A song from any dead artist.

A hard pick, however Kurt Cobain came first to mind. I don´t know why him in particular, there are so many other famous dead artists! So I shall honor a different artist, which served me well throughout my high school years and inspired me so. I miss you, Jim Morrison!

The Doors / Break On Through

Day 13: A favourite cover song. (do you know who sang the original?)

Yet another cover came to mind, the first time I´ve read that question. Jolene is a very nice song, sang originally by Dolly Parton. But it´s a heartbreaking disaster sang by The White Stripes. I´m not a fan of the band, but the way they play that cover can tear everyone apart.

The White Stripes / Jolene

Day 14: A song with a good video.

I can already think of a whole lot of good songs with BAD videos, but this song by Radiohead (yet another band which accompanied my high school years) has the best video one can think of. I can watch this video for eternity, and cry with the song, wishing to make such a visual beauty myself one day...

Radiohead / Street Spirit

Day 15: A song you hate.

Anything by The Sisters Of Mercy/ Christian Death really.. just kidding ;) I suppose this one should be an honorable mention... As I don´t want to include here the obvious pop/ rap shit, let´s pic a goth related piece that I hate. I seriously hate this band and this song. Like really, just stop, and shut up.

Yazoo / Don´t Go

N. Finsternis


  1. Oh, wow. It's been FOREVER since I listened to The Doors. They were a high school staple for me, too. Maybe I'll go listen to my Best Of playlist.

    1. I haven´t listened to them since high school as well... it is sometimes awkward for me to come back to previous band crushes hehe

  2. ah, the doors. my husband was just saying how all my new favorite bands were heavily influenced by the doors. and I love love jolene. that's one of my favorite white stripes songs. lol yazoo. these super 80s songs just annoy me. I hate it when you're at the club and they "change it up" by playing one of those horrible songs. lol time to buy drinks/go to the bathroom.

    1. yeah, totally. I love 80s hits parties, but this is one hit i cannot stand!