16 February 2014

Henna Hair - how to enjoy it and get rid of it

Yaayy, I can finally blog, ever since my exams at the University are finally over!
I had a total of 2 exams, one of which I hope to have passed since it was on statistics and was really hard, the second one, get ready- I´ve overslept (the reason behind that was stress, more than anything). So it´s chilling for now, and working my ass off again and again a bit later on. But at least I can live.....

This post I have decided to dedicate to my hair adventures, the Henna experience and that I can´t actually promise anything regarding hair.
So when I said that Henna was the most perfect thing in the world, bragged about how easy it was to color with it and how I will continue to color my hair with Henna for the rest of my life, I lied.

But let´s go back in time 2 months ago before Christmas, when my blonde hair was quite fried and I got tired of the bleach damaging it. I´ve wanted to have orange hair, I´ve always wanted to, and thought that Henna was a good idea.
I´ve used this incredible detailed guide on how to dye your hair with henna. Basically if you want to dye your hair with Henna, this tutorial will be very helpful.

Henna felt great. It was super messy to apply, and Boris and I had fun rubbing the shit-like mud on my head. My hair looked and felt amazing afterwards, Henna is actually the best hair mask out there. The color was amazing, I was so happy how it turned out!

But time went on, and so my roots grew. The color remained the same for almost 2 months, which is incredible!!! My hair felt so nurtured and healthy....
Yet alas, my roots reminded me about how no other product in the world would make my hair bright than bleach.....
I began to hate my natural emotionless hair color coming out, and began to long for that bright hair around my face.

 Roots after 2 months. A test strand is being bleached behind my ear.

The realization that Henna won´t make my hair bright was saddening. At that point it didn´t matter to me what color would be on my head, as long as it wasn´t my natural hair color or anything darker than blonde!
So the only option for me was bleaching.
I began to read a lot of frightening advice regarding bleaching henna hair, that it will melt your hair/ turn it green/ you will die.
But then I realized that I was actually looking at advice regarding henna from the US, where (as I understood) a lot of unreliable shit was sold. But my henna hair dye was 100% natural! So after reading some reviews in German, I was more confident about bleaching.

So after my second exam was overslept and I walked the walk of shame back home, the first thing I did was to color and wash my hair (I didn´t wash my hair a few days before the exam, it´s bad luck).

I´ve decided to bleach only the frame of my face, in order not to fry my entire hair. I´ve always had one hair color on my head, so I´ve wanted to try something new, and give my hair a more alternative look:
Pictures of me without makeup, and for your entertainment I´ve decided not to edit them

When I washed the bleach out, I was more than happy to find out that the bleached henna turned almost pastel pink!!!! What a miracle, I have pastel hair without planning it! My hair had only one layer of henna in it, so I am guessing that played a roll as well.
I´ve dyed the rest of my hair in a cheapy plum color. I didn´t want black because I´ve already had black hair once. We´ll see how long the plum will last.

 Didn´t have enough plum color for the tips lol, but it didn´t really matter that much. Featuring my kickass thumb!

Featuring my kickass nose. I love my nose.

Before I go on on either disclaiming why my natural face looks so unfortunate or how I am absolutely in love with my new hair, I shall sum things up:

Henna would be a great choice if you:
  1. Want to stick with one hair color for a very long time.
  2. Like your natural hair color and want to spice it up just a little bit.
  3. Want to have burning red hair (not orange)!
Henna would be a bad choice if you:
  1. Are schizophrenic regarding your hair color.
  2. Absolutely detest your natural hair color. 
  3. Need to be flexible with hair and dye it differently each time.
  4. Want to have bright hair!

All in all, henna was a great thing. It just didn´t make my hair blonde. Bleaching over Henna is a okay, as long as it is 100% natural!!! If your henna had something chemical in it, the only way to get rid of it would be to chop it the hell off.
So far so good, and I am eager to post more and more!
Have a great week everyone!

N. Finsternis


  1. I wouldn't say your natural face is unfortunate -- honestly, it's actually pretty gorgeous >o< I find myself super jealous of your nose.

    And that orange hair WAS really gorgeous D:

    1. LOL I know i am exaggerating, my eyes are usually what makes people scratch their heads whenever i am not wearing makeup.
      Yep, was gorgeous indeed, but wouldn´t be the same on my roots

  2. It looks very good. Do you know what the effects of henna are on unbleached, dark hair? Does it actually do anything?

    1. I would advise to look at pictures online. As with almost every hair color, it has it´s best performance on blonde or light hair. On dark hair i think it will "highlight" it with red, but won´t actually make your hair fiery orange. Henna doesn´t make your hair brighter, that was my mistake hoping that it would.

  3. I've heard that you can't dye anything over henna, but your plum seemed to color nicely. I'd be interested to see how it fades over time.

    1. Nope, you can. I won´t mind it fading, as long as I have this beautiful pastel hair around my face.