19 February 2014

Little Things - Altar, Pictures and Frames

Ever since exams have been over I have been feeling rather moody. Uncertain if I´d passed the one exam I´ve worked so hard on, and ashamed of myself for oversleeping another exam which I will have to do in April. It´s comforting to know that I have a lot of time to prepare, but it left me very empty inside and uncertain of myself. I´ve been also having a skin problem which made me feel very down for a couple of days and almost nothing could cheer me up.
So I´ve spent my time drawing and crafting to let the bad emotions go.

One of the things I most enjoyed was to fill my altar with pictures! I love printing my photographs from time to time, I have 2 photo albums which I´ve left in Israel.
Ever since discovering the magic of spray paint, one of my new beloved hobbies is to buy cheapy picture frames and spray them black, print a couple of pictures at the automatic photo stands in the drugstore, and decorate my living space with my own creations.
Filling the walls around me with pieces of myself is essential for me, because I have been sharing a room with my little brother all my life, up until leaving my parents´ house.

 I´ve never had such a full Altar before! Seeing it makes me so happy! I still set a goal for myself this year to collect more pagan related things, like feathers, pine cones, leaves and twigs.

My own picture on the left is a new addition. A couple of months ago I´ve printed Boris´ photo from last year´s The Wings Of Desire photoshoot. The frames were an eye-cancer orange when I´ve bought them! Again, the magic of spray paint ;)

Those two simple frames were left in our flat share by a previous resident. They were colored as well, and look so nice in black. I´ve printed 2 of my favorite photographs, I love looking at them so much, especially the one with the 3 roses.

 The other 2 pictures are standing on a shoe box which, you can guess, I´ve also spray painted black. I´ve placed the shoe box so that the Altar would have more space and be more dynamic. It works great as a centerpiece for the 2 main candles I light almost every day (candle supply is always short ;)). The two frames are so tiny I´ve just used my home printer to print illustrations of an owl and a mouse. The quality isn´t great but they are so small it doesn´t matter much. They kind of have this cabinet of curiosities feel to them. Both frames are made of clay and were white when bought.

Back in our apartment in Israel (the first and second one) Boris and I used to always have a picture of us together standing somewhere. This beautiful frame I found last year for just 75 cents! This picture of us was taken last Spring. I don´t really look like myself in it, but I´ve always loved Boris´ makeup!

Do you print pictures as well? If you have any craft ideas you love to do please do share!

N. Finsternis