22 February 2014

DIY - customizing notebooks with industrial tape + flyers

Berlin is full of different events, and each event has a matching flyer.
I began altering my notebooks and daily organizers with flyers I´ve found in pubs and clubs since last year. I have already posted here some stolen posters that I love hanging on the walls of my room, so flyers were a great decor item for making stuff look more interesting.
I´ve found out that colorful industrial tape can lead to a nice punk-ish DIY result.

 I have only used red and black tapes so far. They are really comfortable to apply evenly and in a straight line, and in my opinion better than coloring the cover of your notebook with paint/ marker (color doesn´t fade and get everywhere...).

Front                                                       Back

My daily organizer (had and will have one forever! I used to collect my school organizers until high school) is the best DIY yet. I love the Specimen characters I´ve cut from various party flyers, including the nice decadent art thing in the corner. The back is also pretty nice with Depeche Mode and a cool cartoon flyer I found in a house project. The tape is just covering the left out spaces.

Note: Whenever I tape flyers to the cover, I cover them with transparent tape first, to make them stick to the properly and for the paper not to be harmed by anything while the notebook is being used/ carried. So that you end up with a lovely picture at all times!

 Another more tapped DIY is my current "spontaneous oh so important artistic notes and sketches" notebook. The front is entirely covered with black tape around a picture of the movie Blankenieves that I saw on a flyer at out University. Below a sticker of the band Programmed For Pleasure.
The back is also tapped, with a makeup art photo I´ve found in Vogue (I hate high end things, but I tend to buy Vogue from time to time, ending up misleading myself and being disappointed of how unpunk it is...)

 Front                                  Back

I would like to try the silver industrial tape which would probably look cyber-ish on a big surface. I´ve also had a hologram sticker (more like a huge hologram wallpaper) that I´ve used on another notebook, which looks very toxic! ;)
I love altering every little shit around me. And if you have your own methods to make your school supplies look more "you", please share them in the comments below!

N. Finsternis


  1. You've read my mind! I've been brainstorming ways of sprucing up plain notebooks for class (buying nice notebooks for university seems such a waste when I'm just going to fill them with rough notes and scribbles), so many thanks for posting such inspiration. I'll need to save any interesting flyers I see now. :)

    1. Yaay, I´m so happy this one helped! Go for it! You also won´t feel too sorry for getting rid of the notebook, because flyers are always easy to find and even if you cherish a specific one you can always tape it to a new notebook :)

    2. Very true - I'll keep an eye out for nice ones. Just to let you know that I've featured this post and your other one about Henna hair in my blog round up post today. :)

    3. Oh cool, thank you very very much!! :)

  2. That is so clever!! I used to collect flyers as well in the beginning of the 90s. Many of the posters were hand drawn and copyprinted. I'm not sure I still have them :/

    1. Oh wow, hand drawn posters is something you don´t see everyday! However I sometimes see them at house projects or at punk pubs.