25 February 2014

Face Of The Night -somewhat sceneish-

Last weekend Boris and I went to a punk-queer event, got there too late when the place as too full so they didn´t let us in.
This however didn´t prevent me from taking some selfies before I went out, and although the night ended modestly, I still loved the look I´ve had so much that I will definitely recreate it again!

Foundation: Catrice "Photofinish Liquid Foundation" 010
Concealer: Jade (IL)
Eye Primer: Catrice Eyeshadow base (very shitty, can´t wait till it´s gone)
Powder: Manhattan "natural"
Eye shadow: Black eyeshadow by L´oreal (not animal friendly and very shitty)
Red eyeshadow random brand (IL)
Eyeliner: Catrice waterproof eyeliner (waterproof my ass)
Eyebrow pencil: black eyebrow pencil by Essence (it´s amazing!!)
Mascara: Manhattan "No End Volume Flex"
Lipstick: random brand (IL)

It´s nice how the nuances of the makeup are still visible regardless of the camera flash. Outfit wasn´t as exciting, just a mini skirt with a huge velvet top, it was cold outside and I didn´t feel like whore-dressing as usual.

Fun Fact: I´ve actually attended makeup school at Kryolan Prof. Makeup at Tel Aviv 2 years ago. It hasn´t taught me what you see on my face in this blog, and frankly it hasn´t brought me any other revelations except for some product differences which I wasn´t aware about. One thing they did bring to my attention- that good makeup survives heavy flash photography. I generally don´t recommend visiting makeup school. Your own DIY experiences are so much worth it! 

Lol NEVER look at the camera, that´s what I say. featuring the map of Berlin behind me!
I´ve also had some fun time with selfies, a pleasant experience which I didn´t enjoy in a while.

I´ve had a nice hair experiment for this look. Right after I finished my makeup I wanted to do my hair and surprise surprise- was out of hairspray! Talk about a goth´s biggest nightmare....
However I´ve managed to finally get to the bottom of a backcomb-like creme I´ve bough a while ago, which is called Taft Volume Booster Creme by Schwarzkopf.

Note: I do not recommend Schwarzkopf products because they are not animal friendly :( However this brand is dominating the shelves in all German drugstores, and vegan products such as Alverde do not provide hair products like this.

So the principle with that Taft thing is that you rub it on the roots of your hair, preferably as much spreaded as possible, which helps the hair to create a nice volume and look almost backcombed! I´ve decided to try this product as I didn´t want to torture my hair with backcombing, and it is much easier to remove.
The creme gets stuck to your roots and is very hard! So it holds the hair nicely, and if you want you can add a small backcomb on the top of your head (what I did). I´ve also spread a little bit of it on my hair. The result turned out somewhat scene-ish, yet I really loved it and will definitely use it again!

I only rarely smile to the camera, mostly because my eyes disappear when I smile. Although I do like my smile in those pics :)

I´ve been not busy at all during the past week, searching for a job as a room service girl and lazying my ass off by watching a ton of anime. I´ve finished Death Note 2 days ago after watching it for the first time and my heart still pounds when I remember the experience. I´ve been seriously fangirling ever since, such a forgotten feeling! I highly recommend everyone to watch this masterpiece! I think I´ve even persuaded Boris who dislikes anime!

Have a lovely week everyone!

I´ve fell in love with this soundtrack which reminds me of dear Opeth!

N. Finsternis