28 February 2014

The 100 Day Song Challenge - Days 16, 17, 18 & 19

Day 16: A song you like but a friend hates.

I love a couple of genres that Boris really dislikes, like Post Hardcore, Nu, Black and Doom Metal. All of mentioned I tend to explore per songs only, since albums are too much for me, but occasional hits from each genre are good to go. So here´s one that I really love:

Deftones / Bored

Day 17: A song from a movie (what is the movie?).

Have you not seem this film, which I idolize in every post possible??? Then talk to the hand, please...

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds / The Carny

Day 18: A song from the year you were born.

1991 wasn´t a blast in music, nor was the much anticipated end of the Soviet Union, and well everything was shitty back then, really. The only good song I found was this one:

The Clash / Should I Stay Or Should I Go

Day 19: A song you think most people would like.

You know, I think a lot of things, and I doubt most Opeth songs people could ever digest.... same goes for your ever so loved goth songs. I bet The Sisters Of Mercy thought that a lot of people would like their songs... but seriously this is just a stupid question.
So I´m just going to pick the most random song possible, coming straight from the most recent anime I am watching. So here, enjoy:

The Seatbelts / Doggy Dog
Cowboy Bebop OST

To be continued...
N. Finsternis


  1. I think I listened to that deftones song 10000x when I was a teen. It still sounds good. Also, I've got one for #19: Call the ships to port by Covenant. For some reason…Every club night I go to plays this song.

    1. Hey true, that one by Covenant is a good one, they play it in clubs all the time.