29 March 2014

Our trip to Stockholm

Talk about delays... so LAST weekend Boris and I went to Stockholm, to see the city and mainly have a concert there with The Wings Of Desire.

On the plane, Boris and I excited as always. We love planes and flying. And yeah, I´ve dyed my hair blonde before the flight!
Visiting Scandinavia for the first time we didn´t know what to expect (except for the usual death by freezing and insanely beautiful people on the streets. And things being painfully expensive).
The weather was on our side and luckily it was sunny the entire time. It even wasn´t as cold as Berlin (Berlin has a very particular cold that gets under your skin).

Down the main train station, we exited the elevator and found ourselves in a cold cave. That was the platform of our train from the airport to Stockholm. It was quite overwhelming.

We stayed at a hostel in the very center. While browsing the streets, we were surprised to find out how wavy everything is. Stockholm is not only located on 14 islands, but on what seemed to be hills over hills... You walk down (or up) the street and suddenly you see a bridge, which is another streets "above" you, or weird stone wall staircases! That was really surreal. And although our city Haifa in Israel is also located on a hill, it is always going either up or down. Stockholm however, was both, all the time.

We found 1 of 2 Free Masons headquarters on our first day near our hostel. Boris, who is familiar with the Free Masons´ history pointed out that the Swedish Masons were always very strict. I love Masons, got to love the Illuminati and mysterious vibe.

 We kind of made a typical tourist mistake by walking our legs and bodies to smithereens the very first day. Wearing the same combat boots the entire time I already felt my feet bones digging through my flesh at the end of the day. It wasn´t pleasant at all, but I was afraid to die from cold and didn´t bring my sneakers, and of course didn´t expect the weather to be so nice. I will bring multiple shoes the next time I go to a major walking trip!

 The lovely Patrik (or DJ NightOwl ;) ) was ever so kind to walk us through the old town! He showed us the tiny streets and told exciting stories about Sweden´s bloody past with Denmark. The old city was very historical and reminded me of the middle ages, which is something I´ve never felt in any city I´ve been to before. The narrow alleys were very beautiful, especially Stockholm´s narrowest alley, Marten Trotzigs Gränd, which is only 90 centimeters wide!

On the second day I´ve decided to go on a quest for my dear father, and find the house where Carlson On The Roof lived. I don´t know how much people outside of Europe (eastern Europe especially) are familiar with this story of Astrid Lindgren, but it´s cartoon is especially popular with Russian and east European people.
Well turns out, that when I told my father I was going to go to Stockholm, he got so excited like I´ve never seen him before, and revealed that it was his dream to go to that city and see where Carlson lived. I´ve never thought my father was such a die hard fan of Carlson, but since I grew up on the cartoon as well I´ve made a  research until I found the exact address in Stockholm. And finding it by foot was a piece of cake, Vulcanusgatan 12.

The red house with the black roof, where Carlson flew, raising havoc on the kid he became friends with, brainwashing him that obeying the awful nanny was the meaning of life.

On the third day we called it off, tired after the concert and lacking feet. We chilled with Boris watching funny youtube videos, waiting until we could fill our stomachs with a cold salad+fish+macaroni mix we made ourselves using those stands at the supermarket. We´ve tried some foods with salmon and they were absolutely amazing!

And found this horrific Kiss beany at a baby bat store.
 All in all Stockholm was magical, unusual and distanced. More info on the alternative part of the city and the concert pics of course, will follow on the next post!
Have a warm and wonderful weekend everyone!

N. Finsternis


  1. 14 islands!? I had no idea. It looks like such a beautiful city. Clean, too. Seems like you guys had fun sightseeing. Boris should be a mason! My husband is one...he seems to enjoy it a lot.

    1. Your husband is a mason?????? wooow.... that´s so cool! he probably does so many intelligent, secret and positive things O_O wow I´m impressed!