13 June 2014

Etsy Review: ilovelotus and Pandoraalina

Pretty much a month late with this post, but I´ve wanted to share my so far good experience with Etsy.

So in May I´ve ordered 2 things from 2 different Etsy buyers.
Firsty was this moon necklace from Pandoraalina:

And second was a clear quartz pendant from ilovelotus:

I ordered both pretty much on the same day, and was very surprised that they´ve arrived like a week and a half later!! I wasn´t expecting shipping to be so fast, especially when one came from Utah, US and the other from Indonesia.
Both pieces look beautiful, the moon necklace is absolutely gorgeous and is exactly the right size.
I found the quartz pendant to be smaller than expected, but you don´t need crystals to be huge in order for them to work, plus I´ve assured with ilovelotus before purchase that the crystals didn´t come from China (if so, they are probably fake. Don´t buy crystals from China). The pendant came with a string to tie around your neck, and instruction on how to do a fishermen´s tie! Thanks, now I know! :D

Here are some pics, though you´ve probably noticed me wearing the moon necklace in a couple of photos by now ;)

I´ve noticed that Etsy is far more reliable than Ebay, and it felt like the buyers actually take care for customers and purchases, which for me buying first time ever something online was very important.
I am dying to order some patches and other things, but I will probably do it next month after, get ready, I´ll MOVE to a 2 room apartment that we´ve received with Boris from the Student´s committee!!!
I am so excited to finally move to a place of our own, after living a year and a half in flatshares I can only say, good riddance! I feel like we´ve really earned the place with all our pain and suffering for far. But that´s why life is worth it, isn´t it?

Hope you are having a wonderful beginning of the weekend! I am bound to a shitload of homework for another 2 weeks, and after that (and I am praying so) I will have a while to breath before another wave of complete disastrous stress will hit me, just like it has been these past couple of weeks.

N. Finsternis


  1. The moon necklace looks fantastic!

    1. yes it´s very magical and looks great with everything

  2. that moon necklace is so awesome. and it looks awesome worn with the crystal necklace. congrats on the new place!

    1. thanks! i decided to get it after reading your post about the new trends for the year, and thought that a moon necklace was exactly what i was missing! and yeah we are very excited to move

  3. Wow, well done getting a flat! I'm hoping to get a proper one in the autumn of next year, after two years of bad luck. I really love that moon pendant.

    1. thanks! it´s not an official normal flat you can say, but provided by the student council, so it´s waay more cheaper than normal flats and the conditions are better. i hope you will find a place, i am sure you will!