21 June 2014

The 100 Day Song Challenge - Days 23, 24, 25, 26

I thought I might continue this challenge for lack of free time for other posts.

Day 23: A song with no lyrics.

When Boris and I were approaching our 1 year anniversary, we were discovering a lot of progressive rock music together. One of my favorite bands till this day are King Crimson, who probably set quite a few prog. metal standards till this day (Opeth´s Michael Äkerfeldt confessed to steal a few melodies from them here and there), and though I haven´t been listening to them since I was 16, I still respect them beyond belief. This is a very cool instrumental song from an even cooler album:

King Crimson / Red

Day 24: A good 70's song.

Continuing the prog rock theme I have to mention Genesis here as well, since I was a huge fan of them at age 16. Though I´ve heard a total of 2 albums by the band, they were more than enough to rediscover each time. Plus all my geek friends at high school listened to prog rock, and it was hell of a good time discussing it with them, and I had a good friend who played the following song religiously on the piano to torment everyone else (that´s classical music faculty freaks for you!). Good high school memories!

Genesis / Firth of Fifth (1973)

Day 25: A song you would ask a DJ to play at a party.

Although I´ve mentioned another good 80s song in the 20th question, I can only think of songs from the 80s when it comes to a party. Though I still love dark electro and would love to attend an aggrotech party, when listening to this song by the Killing Joke it makes me want to dance like crazy! I´ve also made a stupid video about it, hehe.

Killing Joke / Eighties

Day 26: A good 60's song.

Here is another band that I´ve discovered along with Boris when we progressed chronologically with our musical taste. It is respectively fucked up that this kind of music was made/ produced in 1967, and it´s purely iconic nowadays and is on such a higher level than most modern musical pieces. One of those albums where you ask yourself, how the hell was this made at that time in history??
I have returned to listen to The Velvet Underground a few days ago and marvel at how intense they are!

The Velvet Underground / Venus In Furs (1967)

I am now resting this weekend after loads of wine and happy time with friends, but will treat myself for an 80s party today to dance the stress away!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

N. Finsternis