25 June 2014

Style! It! Takes! - a Berlin subcultural fashion event, and now we´re in it!

You might remember this picture from last year, where Boris and I enjoyed being fabulous (and I burned my winter coat that very evening XD)

The picture was taken at an awesome fashion event called Style! It! Takes!, organised by the lovely and beautiful Kersten Haines, who does Berlin a huge favor by organising an event where music, fashion and underground culture combine, to make something extraordinary.

The thing is, Boris and I got so excite because of this event we ended up being part of the performers of the upcoming event in 12 Juli.

We couldn´t agree more that this event was the highlight of last year: good music and beautiful people in a very large and comfortable venue, a fashion sure presenting something more than clothes and skinny models (there were trans models last time!) and visual performances and live bands as well!
The main thing that disappoints us in most parties is lacking those above written things. Most parties are just music (when the DJ is being even more important than the music itself) with the same old thing happening all over again.
At Style! It! Takes! this dosesn´t happen, since there are so many things going on! Kersten creates a great collaboration with musicians, performenrs and fashion designers to make things more interesting and refreshing for all of us.

I am very excited to take my part as a dancer/ performer in the upcoming event. I will make a small conceptual appearance at one of Boris´ songs with The Wings Of Desire (as I usually do, this time however less dancing and more creative ideas!) and as a sort of gogo dance at a show of the second live act, a synth punk/ techno musician from Argentina, Patokai.

Not only that but I will have the honour to wear a hand made dress from a local fashion designer, Vian, who makes very elegant outfits.

I will be wearing the dress first from the left. Picture taken from Kersten´s Style! It! Takes! Blog, there are other beautiful images of her clothes in this post.

This has challenged me to make a slightly different performance than usuall, since the dress is very elegant and the usual semi belly dance deahrock stuff won´t be appropriate this time. I hope someone will film the thing, but will give details soon enough!

There should be another collaboration in the second dancing act for me, when I will be wearing a head pieve made by Patokai´s wife, Yan Hats, which she should install (ooh sounds interesting) on my blonde backcombed head.

Check out YAN HATS

So if you´re a Berliner and want something different to enjoy that has fashion, music and subculture written all over it, come down to STYLE! IT! TAKES! # 5 - Summer Dream of Fashion, Performances & Music on the 12 of July!
And better be updated for more news and other talented designers and artists that will be a part of the event on Kersten´s Blog, the official blog of Style! It! Takes!

I am indeed very excited to finally give my heart to something creative at last!

N. Finsternis


  1. Thank you so much - what a beautiful article!!! I love your personal style of writing and you found very nice words to describe what's important for you and about your feelings and thoughts about it. This is as lovely as our gatherings - you got the style it takes... :-* ♥♥♥

    1. aww thanks so much!!! I am very happy you love my style of writing, it is a compliment i seldom get. Thanks again, i am truly happy to be a part of this!!

  2. so cool! looking forward to seeing photos of the event!

  3. Congrats! It would be wonderful to see you dance, but I'm afraid there's a channel to cross. Looking forward to you reporting back about it!

  4. Please visit my blog! I want it so badly!
    Tell me something about my style,just your own opinion.
    Any tips? I want to look moaarr gothic,but i'm scared of being too-funny for adults and 'cool kids'.
    I'm trying to be elegant-goth,and sometimes (especially in summer time) classy metalhead just like in 80's :P pls help!

    1. alright, will do. but don´t worry about what other people think, including me!