21 July 2014

Outfit Of The Night- castle vampire party!

This saturday we went to Tanz der Vampyre, a yearly party held in the castle Zitadelle. We went there last year and it was amazing, so we couldn´t resists going again!

We didn´t take pictures this time unfortunately, but the evening was a lot of fun with great music and a lot of socializing with friends as well as meeting new people.

I´ve wanted to get the nude-goth look again for Summer (and because it´s like 30 degrees every day here!!) so I just wore my shorts (which are leggings cut out very short), knee-highs. a bra and a fishnet top. I also had one of my favorite lace scarves tied to my waist (to not bare my ass too much) but you cannot see that in the picture too well.

Though I´d love to lazy around some more I have quite a lot to accomplish with some more University matters:
I have to write 2 papers and in the meantime find a place where I would to practical work next semester, starting from October. I am honestly terrified of that, mainly that my German skills won´t be enough, or I won´t find a proper place in time and would have to postpone a lot of seminars to another later on. This procedure involves some hardcore bureaucracy, and we all know how it´s loved in Germany...
But what I DO know is the direction I would like to go within the social work field (which is enormous, so that´s a good start). I sort of comfort myself in the languages I know, especially Russian since working with immigrants is what I am planning on specializing in, that is to say- do as much practical work in the field as possible and hopefully find a job later on. My strategy thinking sort of comforts me here as well, since as you all know, I would kill to stay in Germany ;)

So much for worries in the beginning of the week! 

N. Finsternis


  1. I love shorts with thigh highs... super cute outfit!

  2. Looking lovely, as ever - I've found myself using you as a style inspiration recently; sadly, I don't really have any excuses to dress up to the nines as of late! I'm glad to hear that you've been inspired as to where you want to work in the field of social work.

    1. oh my, I am so very flattered! O_O I had no idea my style could inspire someone!! Thank you!!!

  3. with all the languages you know, you'd be an asset anywhere you go! looking fabulous as always!

  4. You look absolutely great! I love this outfit.
    I hope you'll get a good place to practice at and that you can use your languages.

  5. Hey you look so beautiful in this castle vampire party. I loved having a look at these photos. At a local event space I need to attend a black and white themed birthday bash in next week. I was just wondering if you have any inspirations for b&w outfits!