27 July 2014

A few pictures from last night

Feel like posting some pictures since my hair has grown quite nicely and the fringe is progressing well towards the desired length (which would still require clipping it in the end but whatever I´m used to it).

Yesterday we went to see 2 local post punk bands: Love Lanes and Dead Sentries (drummer plays in both bands lol). Love Lanes were great, they were very energetic with some good bluesy synths, reminded us of Stranglers and The Horrors, which is marvelous!

I wore a new buttoned up shirt I found at a second hand store last week. I really love the pattern, though it was slightly too hot for the evening, it´s even 21 degrees at night, crazy!

After being sick this week I had pleasure taking care of myself- washing hair, shaving and doing eyebrows, putting on makeup again. Apparently amazing things happen when I sharped my eyebrow pencil. Sorry that all pics are either sepia or black and white, since I took the pictures without flash and everything was orange. All is better but orange (my camera is generally bad with color photography, black and white though....)

Fun Fact: I am growing out my hair to have it waist length again (to probably shop it off later on like I well know myself....), and growing out my fringe until it is no more. However, I cannot not clip the hair around my face, since it´s always falling on my face and it´s infuriating. Regardless of hairstyle (well unless I had a fringe which solved the problem) I´ve always clipped my hair! Wearing a hair bow is not in question since embarrassing childhood pictures from when I was 12...

Not to brag here or anything (oh who am I kidding?) but my hair is actually growing well despite being bleached. Although some tips are already dry despite me having them cut more than a month ago, but generally the entire hair feels good and not dried out.
I still panic slightly whenever I am in the shower putting aside masses of hair sheds and try to use flat iron or backcombing as less as possible, but all in all I am happy that in half a year my hair went from emo-short half black-half natural roots to slightly longer than shoulder length with being bleached every 2 months regularly.

Have a great week everyone!

N. Finsternis


  1. Your hair is in fantastic condition!
    I love that tune you added to the post!!

    1. thank you! gld you like Zero Vision, i really love their guitars and bass, yet the singer imitating Siouxsie Sioux is a bit disappointing at times ;)

  2. love the top! and lucky you with your hair! I also want to grow my hair out, but i've got AGES to go

    1. well after shaving it you do, but there´s nothing like growing out healthy virgin hair!