16 July 2014

Style! It! Takes! pictures and end of semester!

After doing my exam yesterday I can finally sigh in relief and greet the summer vacation! Although the exam was only one of a few things that should have been off my back, I feel like more lazy than ever and all I want to do is either go for walks for hours on end or sit at home having quality internet times. You can guess which one of those I have been practicing lately.

Last saturday we had a lot of fun on the fashion and music event, Style! It! Takes!, which I introduced in this post.
I performed a pantomime/ theatrical piece for one of The Wings Of Desire´s songs, alongside the beautiful Lena who played her clarinet in all of the songs. I can sort of share the news with you that Boris´ project expands and we are now officially 3 people, and I am so excited about that!
Performing on stage (again frequently, as I have not done so since my baroque music days in high school) is a huge pleasure to me, which makes me more happy and powerful than playing music as a whole. I´ve always loved the stage, yet I feel a lot better "doing things" on it that attracts attention and gives people something to think about, rather than producing music. 
There is no video unfortunately but a dear friend took some photos that look rather occvlt than what was actually happening, but who´s complaining, right?


Another few were taken by House Of Rough Arts:


Later on I had the honor to wear an extraordinary head piece by the designer Yan, who makes very unusual hats. I must admit that I am not a hat wearer at all, so it was new to me having to wear something on my head ;) the fun part was the installation process, and how the whole thing became a "part of me", hehe.

Yan installing the hat on me

And what did I need the hat for? To dance to PATOKAI and his synth punk music (Yan´s husband btw). I had a lot of fun being (again) on stage, it felt great and the music was a lot of fun :)

Lastly, the photographer of House Of Rough Arts was so nice to make some extra pics outside the venue, which turned out very lovely. I haven´t modeled for ages now, sure miss that!

wore high heels all night, switching to my combats was a privilege.
We had a great time at the event which was all in all very interesting and diverse: from a fashion show, burlesque pet-play performance and post punk music. Though being behind the curtain of the event we still had a blast, and I kind of wish being part of such festivities more often.
There will be probably more pics to come and announcments to make, since my summer (and early autumn) vacation is going to be pretty adventurous.

Have a wonderful almost weekend everyone!

N. Fintsernis


  1. I have never seen such an elaborate hat before!

    1. isn´t it? it was heavier than expected, but held really well to my head, maybe because my hair was backcombed

  2. Even if you don't play music. I'm sure you add that little extra to the show. Actually it can be boring to watch musicians who don't make a single move.

    1. I second this. I sometimes get bored at shows. I'd love it if every show had awesome witchy performance art. Looks so cool! the photos turned out great!

    2. thank you so much guys! next time i´ll ask someone to take a video with no exception!

  3. The photos turned out really well! Also, I love this song, and the fact that it is in Spanish makes it even more awesome. I'm always searching for more good music in Spanish.

    1. cool, glad you liked it! I didn´t understand the song of course except for the chorus. oh and I also thought that one speaks a different kind of dialect of Spanish in Argentina!