13 August 2014

All Tomorrow´s Parties

Just a quick update, want to share a poster I made for the upcoming gig of The Wings Of Desire in a double concert with a local well known underground act, Ben Bloodygrave:

I´ve missed designing posters.
I have been helping Boris with recording for his upcoming EP. He hasn´t officially released anything since we came to Berlin, so he was eager to spend time in the studio. After doing everything by himself already he told me that recording on his own was very difficult for him, so I wanted to help him with this in any way I could. The worst part recording alone is never knowing if you´re doing things right or not, if you did your best and so on. So another perspective on that did good for him. I felt that I did my best recording his vocals, since I did sing in a choir for 6 years and played music professionally, so I could more or less guide him on how to use his voice "properly" (I am no teacher of course). 
I learned a lot from the process since I could study Boris´ voice better than before (in previous years I just didn´t think I should dictate him how to sing, yet recordings should be polished and well made!). I´ve also learned how important it is for some singers to record in parts and different tracks, and not do the entire song in one shot. I am excited to see the finished product, but not before it has been mixed and mastered by a professional.

Another upcoming even which I am excited about is the Some Wear Leather, Some Wear Lace book release party. I have been following The Post Punk Project a little after they began and after finding out they are going to do the release party in Berlin in September, told Boris that I want the book as an early birthday present.
I am so eager to lay my hand on the book (and stealing a possible poster that might be hanging in the venue on the day of the party) that I am planning to come super early! It would be a smart decision anyways, since they will be selling a limited number of copies, and because Boris and I will have a flight to Uzbekistan to catch the next morning! September and October are going to be crazy months on top of that.

N. Finsternis


  1. Flyer is looking good! I hope Boris' recording progresses smoothly.

    I would absolutely love to go to that party; Some Wear Leather, Some Wear Lace is on my birthday wishlist. Enjoy it for me!

    1. thank you! kind of has an unintentional gothabilly vibe to it.
      will do, I hope there will be making pictures!