7 November 2014

Face Of The Night, good ol´ smokey eye and Kryzys

I have reached this point in my life where I refuse to experiment with makeup and just stick to routines, since by now I have already found the makeup looks which suit me best and make my face look like I want it too. 
Aside from the occasional third eye dots and crazy lipstick shades (lipstick is probably my favorite makeup item) I don´t do any cut crease eyeshadow (and on my asian eyes it is merely impossible), not crazy liquid liner eyebrows, no false upper and lower eyelashes (I´ve told you already how I feel about this type of masochism) and no super exaggerated cat eye. Maybe Siouxsie eyes every once in a while, since you can never be wrong with that.

For some reason I find black lipstick the perfect complimentary for smokey eyes. This "black lipstick" is probably my best makeup "trick": a heavy layer of chapstick with a thin layer of black lipstick on top. 
I use the cheapest Halloween lipstick there is, since to make life simple I do not believe there is that one perfect black lipstick in this world. Stick to the simplest product and make it work for you, somehow. Since cheapy black lipsticks are dry as fuck, chapstick is the perfect base for them. And it stays on very well, I kid you not.
I also love the half transparent look it gives you. You can apply a couple of layers to achieve a pitch black color of course, but I like the light gray-brown shade better, since a good brown lipstick is also quite hard to find. 
And there you have it, two in one. Fucking a, right?

I should be coloring those roots by now after having my tips cut last week, but I´m always lazy to (make Boris) do it. I´ve noticed that I color my roots every 2 months, which is frankly a big time to wait. I just don´t want my hair to fall out at once, but gradually. Everything is planned, you see.

Oh, and I´ve been wanting to share this awesome Polish post punk revelation that I came across while searching for songs to dj. 
The band is called Kryzys (= crisis), and if you are a Polski post punker you´ve probably known about them and about Brygada Kryzys (=crisis brigade) which followed after Kryzys´ disbanded. But I haven´t.
You know that feeling where you stumble upon a band from a very explored (at least in your perspective) genre and go excited beyond belief how this band is everything you´ve been loving about that particular genre and how come you haven´t discovered it before?
Well that was the feeling about Kryzys for me, since the young, dub-inspired-saxophone-featuring post punk is the exact kind of post punk I enjoy (the early music of Russian Auction having a similar sound).
So here is some nice post punk to brighten up your mood, but which would still make you wonder about... things! While you´re dancing!

You can listen to the entire album 78-81 here.

I´m slowly spotting some other Polish post punk goods and would love to write about them here, since this kind of music is one of my favorite. 

N. Finsternis


  1. I hardly wear eye makeup these days myself... Kind of pointless with the glasses. I've got expensive black lipstick and cheap drugstore Halloween lipstick, and there's not enough of a difference in color to justify the price difference imo

    1. eye makeup is essential for me, yet i am comfortable doing the same thing over and over again.

  2. If you are checking Polish post-punk bands (it's...kinda exciting), you definitely have to try Siekiera, especially their "Nowa Aleksandria" album.